Zimbabweans United for Democracy

via Zimbabweans United for Democracy 24 October 2013

ZUNDE means coming together and combining our efforts to tackle a common problem. Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) is a movement calling on all Zimbabweans worldwide, regardless of race, creed, colour, religion or political affiliation to combine our efforts to free our country from a dictatorship that has vowed to stay put at any cost. ZUNDE is calling every Zimbabwean; the diaspora community, progressive war veterans, progressive politicians from all the political parties in Zimbabwe, the unions, student movements, scholars, business communities, fathers, mothers and especially the youth, to challenge the governance crisis crippling Zimbabwe and to come up with solutions that can bring REAL CHANGE to our country, our people and our economy.

ZUNDE is about finishing the revolution started by our ancestors and heroes of the liberation struggle whose primary aim was to usher in a democracy based on the wishes and aspirations of the people. Let us get rid of the extremes of poverty and free our national resources that are being plundered by only a few. Many of our fallen heroes will be disgusted that we are in such a poor state that Zanu PF wants us to believe represents the ideals of the liberation struggle. Zanu PF has disrespected and shammed every soul that participated in the liberation struggle. The struggle for freedom and democracy has simply been hijacked by greed and pursuit of power at all costs.

We should ask ourselves whether we are less human than other nations, that we can treat each other with such contempt that Zanu PF places on all of us. Are we not capable of stopping or resolving the crisis? Can we let a few people condemn the whole nation into poverty and hopelessness? Zimbabwe can no longer afford this dictatorship, corruption and evil that is strangling our nation to death.

The people of Zimbabwe have come a long way BUT a time must come that we face our demons and reclaim our humanity, dignity and freedom. Through fear we always allowed Zanu PF to get away with murder, fraud, violence and corruption. We have just come out of the greatest electoral robbery of all time and we are letting Zanu PF get away with it again. We must, all of us, pull together and DEMAND that our leaders respect the will of the people.

Our people are now tired of false prophets. Many have promised hope and change but, despite their ceremonial challenges, Zanu PF has always resorted to violence and fraud. We cannot keep quiet anymore. We have no choice but to face reality before the crisis engulfs and condemns all of us and our posterity into perpetual poverty and inhumanity.




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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    We will ZUNDE colours first be4 jumping on board. What a Faceless Movement! Hope yu are no CIOs or CIA but goodlucky

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    Day dreaming. You think these are new ideas. Takabva neko kumhunga hakuna pwa. You are just trying to extort money from NGOs. Try harder.

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    Albert Zinwamhanga 10 years ago

    All these insightful articles are being written by the deposed MDC executive members who now languish in bars or brothels with nothing to do. A few minutes at Havest House a day and the rest of the day they have virtually nothing to do, hence they spend most of their time writing these insightful articles in the hope that one day there would be an Egypt style uprising in which they will be caterpulted to power. Government shoud now arrest all these thugs and conduits of imperialist hegemony in our country. There are so many reasons why we should arrest these bafoons. Tsvangirai is now in London to get instructions on how to cause meyhem in our country and we should stop that stupid fool before he throws our country to the dogs. All articles which seek to insight people to revolt are written by Chamisa, Biti, Mashakada, Mangoma, Mwonzwora, Moyo, Tamborinyoka and other top MDC people. Why don’t we just get rid of these fools before they get rid of our country?

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    Mthwakazi 10 years ago

    Rubbish. Not as long as there insults and labelling against fellow democratic forces such the MDC green team and ZAPU because of the language their leadership speak and the region they come from!!


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    marasha 10 years ago

    the country is already given to dogs

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    Washumba 10 years ago

    These comments are good enough for Zanu that they are not welcome. Thieves of all thieves we are not convinced they won.

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    Pangareta 10 years ago

    Looks like Zimbabwe Situation is being taken over by ‘paid’ out of work ZANU-pppfffttt (air expelling) wasnots. We must ignore Mugarbage’s attempts at subverting the website.
    Anyway Jenandebvu is a fool, ignorant and living in the past ZANU-pppfffttt (air expelling) hay-day.
    Mugarbage, generals (small g), cronies, Dis-Grace and the Chinks are DONE. 2018, is getting closer and closer has beens!
    Both ZANU and MDC need to go, we need a brand new Party, honest, forgiving and forward thinking.
    Zimbabwe is so damn wealthy, platinum, gold, diamonds, florspar, copper, uranium, agriculture, tourism that it needs REAL governors, not weasels!
    There is room for all black, white, brown and even elephants! “Cry, My Beloved Country”, once you were called “The Jewel of Africa”, until the Mugger, Dis-Grace and ZANU-pppfffttt (airf expelling) got
    their tentacles into You! God Save Zimbabwe!

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    Now this is the problem with Zimbabwe, you can tell from some of the comments in here that progress is going to be difficult .. Some people are calling for ‘these people’, to be arrested , ‘get rid of them’ . What kind of a mentality is that . Where is democracy , where is Freedom of speach , where is freedom after speach .. Who are you to think that others are not be allowed to think for themselves but you ..

    I know we all love our country , you love Zimbabwe just as much as the next person , however as the nature of human being we have different perspectives , and for a healthy community all must be taken into account otherwise we are in a dictatorship and an oppressive society .. And I am sure that is what our heroes died to fight against.
    Fellow countrymen let’s refrain from bullying each other and start engaging constructive debate , every progressive country has room for debate.. I don’t know who these people are but sure that’s a start for a debate ..

    The truth is we know Zimbabwe is a beautiful , country , full of minerals , our land is rich, with enough rain we can feed ourselves .. There is high unemplyement, our industry is at a stand still , electricity comes and goes , our roads and for goodness sake we don’t even have our own currency ..

    Now that to me says there is a problem somewhere , and unless we admit THERE IS PROBLEM I am afraid we we will live with this forever.

    Let’s all be mature and start addressing these issues , this isn’t about anyone , this is not a task for MDC , ZANU PF , or whatever else is out there ZUNDE for that mater to sort this issue , the calling is for all the people of Zimbabwe , men and women , black , white , the youth to put our heads together for once and address our national problems .

    Those who oppress us take advantage of the fact that we find it hard to focus on the problem , someone puts up an idea and all of a sudden we all on the attack of that person , take a look at the comments above …we have all avoided what this person is saying .. Some have decided that they must be ‘gotten rid of’..how do you get rid of another human being ?..murder them ? Arrest them becouse they don’t agree with you? Shut them up because they don’t share the same fears with you? .. Come now people , how long shall we remain blind folded … Let’s put ideas forward and stop yelling and intimidating each other …