Zimbabwe’s civil servants pay deferred again

via Civil servants pay deferred again | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has seen salaries for the country’s civil service being deferred again this month.

Civil service commission secretary Pretty Sunguro confirmed the latest delay in a statement Tuesday, but did not give any reasons.

“The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has changed the May 2014 pay dates,” she said.

Staff in the education sector would have to wait an extra day for the wages, and will get paid on Friday instead of Thursday.

The rest of the civil service, who were set to be paid next Thursday, will now only receive their wages on May 29th.

Pensioners are also affected by the deferment, and they will only get their money on May 30th, instead of the 28th.

This is the second month in a row that the cash-strapped government has had to defer civil servants wages. It’s estimated that the wage bill sits at over $150 million every month.


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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Going down hill fast I do see an end in the distant future. Did they also delay mugabes 4000? Or did he just help himself to the usual 500,000 . The writing is on the wall. Maybe Mugabe will help himself to the 4mil coming from UAE?

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    Bill Mills 9 years ago

    I personally can’t supress my enjoyment of the difficulties of the civil service. The Germans have a word for enjoying the difficulties of others. It is: Shadenfreude.
    Enjoy your Shadenfreude.

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    Little dorrit 9 years ago

    Poor old pensioners who built what has been so needlessly broken. I am so sorry. You should be first in the line, the most needy, the most dignified in your silent suffering. May God bless you.

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    Wages are being paid from monthly VAT returns. VAT returns are down 15% year on year and declining every day.

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    Insider 9 years ago

    You are quite correct Owen, it is from VAT that they are paying the wages, we all know that the businesses are closing daily and as such the VAT is dropping. Not long now and there will not be enough for the salary bill. It would also help if companies start slowing down their payments of VAT, if every company in the country dragged it out a few days, the wheels would really come off!! Think about it all you Managing Directors.

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      Sarah 9 years ago

      Sure – if you want to pay 100% penalty to ZIMRA for late payment.

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    charira 9 years ago

    hope they wil start printing US DOLLARS to pay civil servants like be4

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    Matake 9 years ago

    Zanu yazo fumuka zvino..!