Zimbabwe’s Teachers Union Threatens to Strike Over Salaries

via Zimbabwe’s Teachers Union Threatens to Strike Over Salaries by Jonga Kandemiiri, Ntungamili Nkomo 06.01.2014 VOAZimbabwe

The Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) says its members will go on strike when schools open next week if the much-awaited salary negotiations with government representatives fail to yield positive results.

PTUZ general secretary Raymond Majongwe said the government was unlikely to offer the struggling teachers and civil servants anything after failing to commit itself at a meeting last month.

Negotiations between civil servants and government representatives were expected to resume anytime this week but the teachers’ union said it felt that the state was not taking the negotiations seriously.

Majongwe said their members are demanding that teachers’ salaries start from $690 to $1,000 for those with experience.

Interview With Raymond Majongwe

The government promised to raise its workers’ salaries in line with the poverty datum line, currently at $570.

Apex Council chairman and Zimbabwe Teachers Association president Richard Gundani told Studio 7 his union was optimistic that their demands will be met at the next negotiating meeting and therefore has not started talking about strike action.

Interview With Richard Gundani

Public Service Association Chief Executive Officer Sifiso Ndlovu said his union will wait for the outcome of the negotiations which were expected any time now.