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via Zimpapers boss shines again! | The Herald October 25, 2013 Local News

Chairperson of the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board Mrs Monica Chinamasa (second from left) congratulates Felistus Mutasa, wife to Zimpapers group chief executive Mr Justin Mutasa (left) after the couple won a fertiliser spreader at the Tobacco Grower of the Year Awards ceremony in Harare yesterday

Zimpapers chief executive Mr Justin Mutasa was among three other farmers who received top prizes in the Tobacco Sales Floor Grower of the Year Awards yesterday for their outstanding performance during the 2012/13 tobacco selling season. Mr Mutasa came forth in the contest after he planted 12 hectares of tobacco and sold 37 389kgs at an average price of US$4,43 per kg.

The winner in the commercial sector was Mr Vusumuzi Muntuyedwa of Beatrice, the second prize was scooped by Mr David Tigere, with Mr Tongai Patrick coming third.

Mrs Aporoniya Munzvirengi and Mrs Takudzwa Jaravaza scooped the TSF woman of the year award, winning a motor bike and chest freezer respectively.

Mr Muntuyedwa won a 75 horse power tractor worth US$18 000, Mr Tigere won a disc plough worth US$3 766 and a tonne of fertiliser, Mr Patrick won a boom sprayer worth US$2 800, while Mr Mutasa won a fertiliser spreader worth US$1 392.

Mr Muntuyedwa planted 22 hectares of tobacco under dry land and sold 6 000 kilogrammes of the crop at the TSF at an average price of US$4 50 per kg.

Mr Mutasa said tobacco was a high risk and high value crop and required farmers to go for further training at training institutions.

“I have passion for farming,” he said. “From my early childhood, the hunger for success is always there.

“I am very proud that last year I was here as a winner and this year I am back.

“This shows that we are making progress as far as growing tobacco is concerned, but most important of all, this is a clear confirmation that the land reform is successful because we black people are making positive contribution in producing top quality tobacco.

Mr Mutasa advised other farmers to make the best of available resources.

“The challenges are always there, but you should make the best out of what you have,” he said.

“I want to dedicate the success to my workers who work tirelessly to bring such as good crop which is going to benefit the nation.

“I have done my part as an employer by supplying them with clean water, electrifying their compound and giving them better wages.”

Speaking at the function, Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board chairperson Mrs Monica Chinamasa said Zimbabwe regained its status as one of the major tobacco growers and was being ranked in the same class with Brazil, China and the United States.



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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    People are starving, and they plant tobacco… Let’s see him eat that tobacco…

    (That’s gotta be a real quality tractor… 75 hp for $18 000. But, the article doesn’t claim it was new. Stolen?)

    Yeah, dry-land farming is a booger. Too bad. Should have stolen irrigated land, Dummy.

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    We need to pray for each other as a nation. Its not nice when we can not recognize and applaud those that could have achieved something.

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      Jrr56 9 years ago

      You are not from this nation so suggest you mind your own business

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    Chara 9 years ago

    I thought its something to do with zimpapers (zimnonsense)

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    Jogo Bonita 9 years ago

    Hanzi naMutasa “it shows that the land reform is a success.”yet 2 million pple face starvation and we importing maize from zambia.success my foot.