Zinara in $16 million tender storm, procedures flouted

via Zinara in $16 million tender storm, procedures flouted | The Source May 19, 2014

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) flouted tender procedures when it acquired 80 graders worth $16 million from China last year, Parliament heard on Monday.

The revelations follow the recent resignation of Zinara chief executive, Frank Chitukutuku, in unclear circumstances.

Zinara acquired 80 graders last year in two in batches, with the first 40 launched at a ceremony officiated by President Mugabe last June.

The second batch of 40 arrived in the country in October last year.

But State Procurement Board (SPB) executive chairman Charles Kuwaza told the parliamentary committee on public accounts the tender board had approved acquisition of 40 graders only, valued at $8 million.

“Forty graders were required,” Kuwaza told the committee. “If there was any departure from that, I cannot explain it.”

He said the tender board had not made a follow up on how many graders the parastatal had acquired since approval of the tender in 2012.

“I am hearing this for this first time,” said Kuwaza when quizzed if he was aware the parastatal had instead acquired 80 graders.

He said Zinara should have come back to the SPB for further approvals.

“The law says they have to come back to the SPB,” said Kuwaza when asked if procurement laws allowed companies to make purchases above the approved tender.

Government procurement laws dictate that all ministries and agencies go through the SPB for purchases above $300,000.

Kuwaza dismissed accusations by Zinara officials that the road administration had not been involved in deciding on the technical specifics of the graders.

“Our job is to make sure that the tender process is fair and square. Zinara participated in the tender process and never complained about anything,” Kuwaza told the committee.

“Whoever is saying this, I have not met him and (he) has never complained to me.”

Municipalities which were allocated the graders by Zinara under the government’s Road Authorities Recapitalisation Programme allege that the equipment is not fuel efficient and does not adequately meet their requirements.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    200k each for Zhing Zhong graders? A quick check on the Internet indicates several different ones at between 30 and 60k each. These boys have pocketed the difference and are going to get away without going to jail.

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    When baboons raid a maize field they start with one cob. Look around ,if the farmer isnt in sight they go in for more and run to the bush to eat. If they go in a third time and the farmer still isnt showing the Babbons become brave and will sit down in the field and devour the whole field!

    Bob has left the thieves to take over now they are so brazen they steal by the millions knowing fully well there are no repurcations.Bob with his compromised eyes and his lack of stamina due to age cannot stop these vultures from looting.

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      roving ambassador. 8 years ago

      I like that.

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      gorongoza 8 years ago

      Bob is the leader of the thiving troop. He did not let anyone do the thievery, but is an active member of the gang. He is not turning a blind eye (no pun intended), he is actively involved, and he gets a cut. unoti munhu who can spend 5 mill on a wedding (one day event) anenge aiwanepi mari yakadaro muZimbabwe?

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    And Chombo is at the bottom of this, better graders had been purchased for local authorities that were not zing-zong…

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    maita 8 years ago

    The signs of who is in charge, Obert Mpofu, there is a bit of normality on Mines now he has migrated with insanity to the Ministry of Roads. Kuteverwa nemunhuwi wake chaiko.