Zinara raises tollgate fees 

Source: Zinara raises tollgate fees – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has increased toll fees with effect from Monday, May 23.

‘“In terms of section 4 of Statutory Instrument 32 of 2021, toll fees which are pegged in foreign currency are payable in local currency at the prevailing foreign currency auction rate,” Zinara said in a statement yesterday.


“Pursuant to that, we would like to advise our valued customers that with effect from May 23, 2022 toll fees will apply as light motor vehicles are now paying US$2, minibuses now pay US$3 and buses are paying US$4. Heavy trucks and haulage trucks now pay US$5 and US$10 respectively.

“Light vehicles will now pay $300, up from $120 while minibus $ 450 and buses $600. Heavy trucks now pay $750 and haulage trucks now pay $1 500.”

The review is meant to allow Zinara to raise much needed funds to fix the country’s roads which are in a bad state, and littered with potholes.

In April, Zinara revealed that it disbursed $5 billion to 93 local authorities across the country during the first quarter of the year for road maintenance works.


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    Zimbabweans getting robbed again by the government. Wake up Zimbabweans. Your roads are terrible, full of potholes and Craters, where is the toll money going? Oh maybe to pay Robert mugabe juniors Singapore hospital bill!!