ZOL targets high-density suburbs

Source: ZOL targets high-density suburbs – The Standard May 20, 2018

Internet service provider ZOL Zimbabwe on Wednesday launched advanced wireless connectivity of internet services meant to expand its footprint across high-density suburbs amid calls on government to formulate policy that will make internet affordable and accessible to every home.


The new Wireless To The Home (WTTH) is expected to address installation efficiency by cutting on excessive infrastructural requirements that accompany other methods of internet connectivity while offering high internet speeds to the tune of 20 megabits per second.

“ZOL will deliver on the promise of the digital world whatever the frontier is and to show that we want to reach everywhere, against what people say that we are only into low-density suburbs, we have customers on fibre in Warren Park.

“Tonight, we unveil Wibroniks (WTTH), which will enable many homes and businesses to be connected and government should work together with us to make internet accessible and affordable to every home in Zimbabwe,” said ZOL Zimbabwe CEO Denny Marandure.