ZPSC calls for restoration of human rights in Palestine 

Source: ZPSC calls for restoration of human rights in Palestine | The Herald

ZPSC calls for restoration of human rights in Palestine

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council (ZPSC) has called for the restoration of human rights in Palestine as they commemorate the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The council is made up of representatives from Zimbabwe Movement for Pan African socialists, Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy, African Diplomacy for Palestine, Broad Alliance Against Sanctions, Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Trust and the Apostolic Bishop Network.

National chairman of the ZPSC Cde Mafa Kwanisai Mafa said despite the recognition of the State of Palestine by the UN, Palestinians were still being tortured, killed and their homes destroyed by the brutal Israeli apartheid occupation.

Cde Mafa said the UN was complicity by its continued lack of action and it must hold Israel accountable on the crimes against the people of Palestine and the flagrant disregard of the international law.

“We call for international diplomatic isolation of Israel. It is a state built on the destruction of another state. Until there is justice and equal rights for the Palestinian people, the world must start to boycott Israel, disinvest and start to call for sanctions against this racist murderous and brutal regime,” he said.

Palestinian Ambassador Tamer Almassri said the International Day of Solidarity is one of the days that reminds them of the disaster happening to the Palestinian people.

He said the Palestinian catastrophe has continued and they were paying the price of the occupation by Israel.

“More than 50 percent of our people are in the diaspora. They are refugees. We should say something and we celebrate this day every year. It is like a scream to remind the people and the world that we are here and we are struggling.

This is the last occupation in the 21st century. We are struggling for our dignity and we are defending the holy sites,” said Ambassador Almassri.


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    MILES R ANDERSON 1 year ago

    How about calling for the restoration of human rights in Zimbabwe!