ZRP to change name

Source: ZRP to change name | The Herald June 13, 2019

ZRP to change name

Bulawayo Bureau
THE Attorney-General’s Office is in the process of drafting a Bill to reform the Zimbabwe Republic Police whose name will change to the Zimbabwe Police Service in line with its rebranding thrust, as reforms of State institutions under the New Dispensation continue to gather momentum.

Government’s decision to reform the police force has also seen it implementing recommendations made by the commission of inquiry that was chaired by former South Africa president Kgalema Motlanthe.

The seven-member Commission that looked into the 2018 post-election violence recommended equipping the police with the necessary skills and capacity to deal with rioters, further training in order to be professional and non-partisan in the interest of national cohesion, the protection of all citizens, as well as preventing corporal failings in the future.

In its First Quarter Treasury Bulletin Highlights, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development said the country has made progress in implementing institutional and political reforms.

“In February 2019, the Police Act amendments became effective and finally being in line with the Constitution,” it said.

“This will see the country’s Police Force  the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) being rebranded to the Zimbabwe Police Service (ZPS) as a professional police responsible to the needs of the society.

“The Bill is being drafted by the Attorney-General.”

ZRP has started retraining its officers so that they conduct their duties in a professional manner.

In terms of political reforms, Treasury said Government was committed to national dialogue to resolve challenges facing the country.

“The objective is to remove deficit of trust, restore public confidence, forge a renewed sense of shared national vision and social cohesion and advance an economy that works for everyone,” it said.

“A National Political Dialogue was launched on February 6, 2019, bringing together at least 21 leaders of different political parties to confront the national socio-political and economic challenges.

“Going forward, the parties have established thematic committees to look into different issues of interest for deliberations during the planned dialogue meetings.”

Last month, President Mnangagwa launched the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) attended by several political parties committed to dialogue.

During the launch, the President highlighted the need to promote dialogue to address socio-economic challenges.

“This platform is designed to be a vibrant forum through which we proffer solutions to the challenges that confront us a nation, through peaceful, open and transparent discourse,” said President Mnangagwa during the launch.

“The culture of dialogue we begin today must indeed be synonymous with us as a nation and as a people.”


  • comment-avatar
    ace mukadota 4 years ago

    Keystone cops would be good name to change to – hopeless all round and more crooked than the criminals

  • comment-avatar
    Milos 4 years ago

    What a ludicrous idea! The cost of renaming badges , insignia etc will run into millions !

  • comment-avatar
    Cynical 4 years ago

    But we already have ZPS, Zimbabwe Prison Service… Very confusing. Also, which Minister or Ministers wife will get the contract for this… no doubt paid in forex.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 4 years ago

    Zimbabwe Police Service? This must be a joke. It will take much more than a name change to get our people to change their poor opinions of our useless Police.