The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2002 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. 2nd batch Posted 31/12/2002
    • Bodies piling up in fuel crisis
    • Flights Cut
    • Journalists face Zimbabwe deadline
    • Foreign based Zimbabweans protest against Mugabe
    • Leading Zimbabwe editor resigns
    • Editor at Zimbabwe's only independent newspaper is fired
    • Zimbabwe widens price controls to include newspapers
    • Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company Edging Towards Collapse
    • Problems point to 2003 being crunch year for Zimbabwe
  2. Move the Cup? .......1st batch Posted 31/12/2002
    • Zimbabweans speak out
    • Zimbabwe hits back in World Cup boycott row
    • Zimbabwe cricketers fear speaking out
    • ECB face political pressure over Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe hits back in World Cup boycott row
    • ECB seek £10m cover to pull out
    • Cricket puts price on Zimbabwe boycott
    • Zimbabwe accuses UK, Aust of plot to keep cricket white
    • At the Harare Sports Club, everything is ready. But even the fans say: don't come
    • Zimbabwe cricketers fear speaking out
    • Zimbabwe Cricket Union: proud of their patron
    • Talk Sport Radio - UK
    • Help us, says Hussain
    • The Times - Letters to the Editor
    • Zimbabwe row intensifies
    • ICC hits back
  3. 2nd batch Posted 30/12/2002
    • Zimbabwe: staring into an abyss of savagery
    • Archbishop Pius Ncube - A hero's witness
    • Zimbabwe's pain
    • Eyewitness: Behind Africa's famine
    • Smokey hamburgers
    • Kenya sweeps corrupt ruler out of power
  4. Move the Cup? .......1st batch Posted 30/12/2002
    • Lodge your protests
    • Letters re Zim WC cricket venue
    • Cricket at war over Zimbabwe
    • England split about ICC in Zim
    • Teams boycotting Zimbabwe will lose points: ICC
    • ECB demands Government guidance on Zimbabwe
    • Aus against playing in Zim
    • Is this really the right place to send a cricket team?
    • Blair raises pressure over Zimbabwe game
    • PM's Mugabe cricket snub
    • No 10 fury over England cricket trip to Zimbabwe
    • Cricket's chance to shame Mugabe
    • Cricketers 'urged to boycott Zimbabwe'
    • Healing the scar on the conscience of the world demands leadership now
    • Aid minister backs cricket boycott
    • Aus PM urges rethink on Zimbabwe games
    • Zimbabwe boycott call angers cricket world
    • Harare fans and politicians also divided
  5. Posted 28/12/2002
    • Mugabe's 'Surreal' Policies Ravage Zimbabwe Economy
    • Mugabe's wife selects her farm and orders the owners to leave
    • Wither Zimbabwe?
    • The Fuel Crisis
    • Road to Zanufication
    • State ordering further 15 000 tonnes of maize seed
    • War vets at loggerheads with city council
    • Sport and politics must unite against the Mugabe regime
    • Ban On Foreign Media in Zimbabwe Naive
    • Less fuel, fewer road deaths
    • Cricket's critics on sticky Zim wicket
    • Queues Get Shorter As Petrol Supplies Improve
    • Questions of sport
    • Days wane for African 'big men'
    • Security takes on new meaning for youth
    • Cops assaulted: Farmer held
    • Editorial: Out in Africa / Amid troubles and strife, some hope emerges
    • A Land Reform Plan Falters in Zimbabwe
    • $2b set aside for militia centres
  6. Posted 26/12/2002
    • CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2002 to all Zimbabwean Christians
    • Troubled Zimbabwe marks a cheerless Christmas
    • Govt: We messed up
    • Poverty Driving Rural Zimbabweans to Desperate Measures
    • Fuel rationing grips Zimbabwe before Christmas
    • Zimbabweans scrabble along as economy erodes underfoot
    • Threat to dig up cup pitches in Zimbabwe
    • Seed shortages hit Zim farmers
    • Monitor Food Production Chain
    • New Farmers Not Paying for Irrigation Water
    • 17 people killed, 112 injured in road accidents in Zimbabwe
    • Zim fuel imports flood in
    • No cheers in Zimbabwe this Christmas
    • Mugabe's next victims in Zimbabwe
    • 'Tis the night before Christmas
    • Mugabe's land of penury and propaganda
  7. Posted 24/12/2002
    • Who will speak for Zimbabwe's blacks?
    • Bleak Christmas in Zimbabwe
    • A personal story - surviving in Zim?
    • 'Zanu-PF Has No Intention of Engaging MDC in Talks'
    • Zimbabwe runs short of banknotes
    • Confusion reigns over proposed land audit
    • National Social Security Authority to Hike Contributions
    • The World Cup can do some good for Zimbabwe's people
    • Fuel blues to spill into Christmas holiday
    • Job Opportunities Update - 23 December 2002
    • JAG Christmas Communique - 23 December 2002
    • Bob Geldof: Let them know it's Christmas time. Again and again and again
  8. Posted 23/12/2002
    • Reign of terror
    • Travails of Spending Day in a Fuel Queue
    • The Continuing Deadlock in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe travellers stranded as fuel crisis grips
    • ICC resists calls for World Cup boycott of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe says Britain raising army against it
    • Journo accused of spying for BBC
    • Govt to Begin Inflation Targeting?
    • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange a Safe Haven for Investors in 2003
    • Activists threaten to dig up Zimbabwe pitches
    • Gower says England should not play in Zimbabwe
    • White martyr's sainthood bid shames Mugabe
    • Traffic building up at Beitbridge Border Post
    • Africa's growing hunger
    • Counting our blessings
    • Zimbabwe cricket tour 'unbelievable'
    • Residential Rentals Up By Over 200% in 2002
  9. 2nd Batch Posted 22/12/2002
    • Breaking news just received from Chiredzi
    • Food aid
    • Mckinnon Not Welcome to Zimbabwe, Says Chiwewe
    • C'wealth dismayed at Zimbabwe's statement
    • Fuel trickles into Zim
    • Few Filling Stations Get Fuel
    • Zimbabwe fuel crisis looming over holiday season
    • Zim short of banknotes
    • Why mixing sport and politics is biggest game of all
    • Small calls for Zimbabwe boycott
    • Zimbabwe - it's one big party!
    • There are welcome signs in Harare of an end to Mugabe's tyranny
    • 'Police to Protect Consumers On Prices'
    • Daily News Fails to Print Newspaper
    • 'Police to act on groups bent on undermining authority'
    • Violence, famine, corruption, racism. Anyone for cricket in Zimbabwe?
    • Sheltering family costs mum
    • Travel warning issued to world cup players on Zimbabwe visit
    • State to Act On MDC Parliamentary Boycotts
    • 'There's no Africa without Zimbabwe'
    • International cricketers issued with a travel warning
    • 18th of January 2003 - Invitation to Pray for Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe opposition expresses anger
    • Catholic Bishops Must Unite Against Evil
    • US Hits Out Over African Food Policies
  10. 1st Batch Posted 22/12/2002
    • Sweet Taste of the Good Life
    • 'Our people are going hungry here'
    • Is anyone with a conscience out there?
    • Truth is the latest casualty as ICC bends to Mugabe
    • Zanu-PF is progressive, says ANC
    • Student activists arrested
  11. Fourth Batch Posted 20/12/2002
    • Rhodes Scholars announced
    • 2003 inflation to reach 282%
    • Indigenisation leads the way in 2002
    • Running on empty
    • Opposition hits out at ICC
    • Court Told of Whites Colony Plan
    • Media Update #2002-46
    • England's naive decision will bring comfort to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe refuses to discuss Commonwealth suspension
    • Derek Wyatt: The cricketing world must boycott Zimbabwe
    • Minister: Zim land policy was 'correct'
    • Government committed to averting food shortages
    • Now paraffin runs out
    • Final judgement handed down
  12. Third Batch Posted 20/12/2002
    • U.N. should no longer ignore Zimbabwe's lack of human rights
    • Zimbabwe rejects Commonwealth presidential poll report
    • Zimbabwe given green light
    • Zimbabwe Imports Fuel as Pumps Run Dry
    • Mugabe scorns coalition claims
    • Opposition leader rejects meeting with Mugabe
    • US$20m Mirror publishing deal flops
    • $2b set aside for militia centres
    • Libya sets tougher conditions for fuel
    • Govt denies MDC food import permit
    • Zimbabweans await miracle in festive season
    • Food shortages could trigger unrest, EIU warns
    • Govt mulls re-opening bureaux de change
    • MPs urge South Africa to get tough with Mugabe
    • Census riddled with anomalies - experts
    • EU/ACP still to decide on probe
    • Zimbabwe/Malaysia deal collapses
    • ANC seeks to revive Zanu PF/MDC talks
    • Who is hoarding food and fuel for elections?
    • 'Europe must save Africa summit'
  13. Second Batch Posted 20/12/2002
    • Zimbabwe warns of ban on newspapers
    • Zimbabwe fails to meet Libya's terms
    • National Peace Convention Statement
    • Tsvangirai sees SA worsening crisis
    • Fuel crisis gets worse as main supplies are cut
    • Go now, Mugabe told
    • Zimra confiscates $18m in forex
    • Ex-detainees expect to $80 000 gratuities
    • Mudzuri condemns culture of violence
    • Activists charged
    • War vets evict 40 families
    • Institute fails to process students' results
    • Controlling people's minds is no easy job
    • Mugabe's racist diatribe discredits all citizens
    • Zimbabwe needs action and not words
    • Patience is not digestible for humans or cars
    • Fuel crisis makes Zimbabwe dig deep
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe makes more misery
    • Abuses against Unionists in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe urges Zimbabwe business to help ease crisis
  14. First Batch Posted 20/12/2002
    • Mugabe ratchets up the misery in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to meet?
    • Travails of spending day in a fuel queue
    • 10 000 cattle succumb to drought in Mat South
    • Only $70m Byo council funds recovered
    • Mining royalty scheme to empower communities
    • Orphanages not spared food shortages
    • 2003 has all the ingredients of a stormy year
    • Read the signs
    • And now to the Notebook . . . Bob's visitor
    • Zim's children in the diaspora (Part 4)
    • An elephant can be killed by small insects
    • The continuing deadlock in Zimbabwe
    • Residential rentals up by over 200% in 2002
    • Zim today: story of an African alarm
    • Dialogue between Zim, C'wealth breaks down
    • ZANU PF mayhem isn't land reform
    • The power of queues and our spinelessness
    • Zimbabwe's Opposition Leader Demands Reforms Before Talks with Mugabe
    • England to play in Zimbabwe after ICC ruling
  15. Posted 19/12/2002
    • Aid agencies fight starvation, Mugabe's brutal politics in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe CPI soars 175.5%
    • Zimbabwe economy plunges, anger rises on fuel crisis
    • Mugabe rival rejects 'plot'
    • Backlash against ZANU-PF youth militia
    • Tsvangirai addresses MDC parliamentarians
    • Scathing attack upon Bush : Mandela
    • Dlamini-Zuma to visit Zimbabwe to find solutions
    • Backlash against ZANU-PF youth militia
  16. 2nd batch Posted 18/12/2002
    • Concern over recurring fuel shortages
    • JAG Legal Communique - 17th December 2002
    • JAG Sitrep December 17, 2002
    • I don’t understand…
    • Zimbabwean inflation rate may hit 522%'
    • Zim: Benefits outweigh concerns
    • 'Zimbabwe land reform will yield benefits'
    • ANC is Ready to Engage All Parties On Zimbabwe
    • Education of Zimbabwe's Youth Hampered by High Fees, AIDS
    • Zimbabwe on sticky Cup wicket
    • Protest:: stop world cup cricket in Zimbabwe
    • Economic Freedom
    • Diesel supplies dry up
    • 'Food deniers should be tried' - WSJ
    • Gutu food aid corruption - DNews
    • Frenzied cattle slaughter - DTel
  17. 1st batch Posted 18/12/2002
    • President couldn't be more out of touch
    • Let Mugabe keep his starving Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe and Libya fail to secure fuel deal
    • Mystery over fuel funds
    • Fuel Talks Aborted
    • Resolute Mbeki sees off his leftwing critics
    • Mbeki attacks agents of division
    • Zimbabwe's problems must end now: Mbeki
    • Mugabe arrives at conference
    • ANC defends Zanu PF invitation
    • Gadhafi exerts influence in Africa
    • New anti-Aids project aimed at youths begins
    • Media accused of not giving AIDS prominence
    • Cricket in Zimbabwe out: MPs
    • Economic, technical agreement signed between China, Zimbabwe
    • JAG Sitrep December 16, 2002
    • MDC Warns of Popular Uprising
    • Skeletons of MDC supporters found
    • Zanu-PF Gears to Lure Back Urban Voters
    • Epworth family feud turns ugly
    • Wheat Imports Urgently Needed Following Poor Harvest
    • Mugabe may seize oil giants' assets
    • Market booms while Zimbabwe prepares for the bust
    • Beatrice farmer is Mash East tobacco grower of the year
    • Zanu PF agrees to pay gratuities to ex-detainees
    • Top Zanu PF officials in maize scam
    • NCA vows to continue confrontation
  18. Posted 16/12/2002
    • We can and will survive Mugabe
    • Zanu PF's paranoia against whites explained
    • Thirsty Christmas in store this year
    • Jongwe's SA post mortem results out
    • No vuka vuka for single men
    • Chinhoyi feasts as country suffers
    • Poor teacher turnout at national service
    • Youths risk thinking like Mugabe, Tekere warns
    • Mugabe promises to address crisis
    • Zimbabwe in grip of new hunger crisis
    • Zimbabwe's biggest export floods SA
    • Zimbabwe today: story of an African alarm
    • Middle class hunter-gatherers
    • For how long can Mugabe continue defying fate?
    • Export companies hit by supply fears
    • War vets beat up Zanu PF official
    • Health time bomb ticking on farms
    • The United Nations: It's Time to End the Farce
    • Mugabe threatens to nationalise oil companies
    • Zimbabwe will not accept conditional aid: Mugabe
    • Mugabe's plans seen worsening economic crisis
  19. Posted 15/12/2002
    • Family flee terror for safety of Bay
    • Zim brought to a near halt
    • There's no more petrol in Zimbabwe
    • Govt Urged to Rectify Human Rights Abuses
    • Threats to nationalise oil firms
    • Zimbabwe crisis dominates ruling party meeting
    • Zimbabwe Economic Crisis Hits Mugabe's Land Reforms
    • Africa's 'last good place'
    • Petrol Fetches $1 000/Litre On Black Market
    • Gold Lures Zimbabwe's New Farmers
    • JAG Legal Communique - 13th December 2002
    • No Decisions
    • Embattled Mugabe threatens retribution against whites in Zimbabwe
    • Leave us alone, Mugabe tells Western powers
    • Land, Zimbabwe's only heritage-President
    • Zimbabwe's President Threatens Whites Again
    • Mugabe Blames the UK for His Land Grab
    • ZANU-PF congress to tackle economic woes
    • Bodies found in Zimbabwe
    • ANC invites Mugabe to attend party conference
    • The Limited Success Of The Land Reform Programme
    • Sacred Ibises and a litany of hate
    • Single mother pays for rescuing her refugee family
  20. 2nd batch Posted 14/12/2002
    • Zimbabweans face bleak Christmas
    • Petrol fetches $1 000/litre on black market
    • Poverty, not activists, is a threat to national security
    • It's as bad as that
    • The Commissioner, Omissioner & Mad King Sam
    • The MDC & Gwisai - a marriage made in hell
    • Tsvangirai speaks
    • Govt to seize 'undeclared' maize
    • Villagers slam Mahofa over late road project
    • Rusape shop owners allege Zanu PF harassment
    • Seizure of grain not a solution to food crisis
    • Zanu PF MP denies using food to win poll
    • Tsvangirai says Zanu PF faces collapse next year
    • Airzim hikes fares by 524% in 10 months
    • Air Zimbabwe attempts to break engineers strike
    • Zim crisis an obstacle to Nepad
    • Lisbon summit under threat
    • ZBC hikes advertising rates by 300%
    • 80 percent of Zim houses neglected
    • Libyans in Zim on rescue mission
    • Plagued by schizophrenia
    • Manslaughter victim's family wins fraud case
    • Party congress may put focus on Mugabe
  21. 1st batch Posted 14/12/2002
    • Hunger as political tool
    • Mugabe's Egyptian bondage needs to be reviewed
    • Zanu PF in campaign to export land policies
    • Chinamasa rejects subpoenas in land-grab case
    • Mudzuri inherits $250m debt
    • Foreign currency deficit hits US$660m
    • Census omits millions
    • Students query national service expenditure
    • JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM No 12 - 12th December 2002
    • Trade unionists released without charge
    • Cotton wool runs out in Mutare
    • Forex dealers outwit police
    • Fuel shortage worsens
    • Chingwena determined to turn round Air Zim
    • Chaibva apologises for absence from parliament
    • Mugabe prepares for ZANU PF Conference
    • Hunger fuels marriages
    • MDC attacks Zanu PF
    • Madlela urges public to confront ZANU PF
    • Madhuku admits failure of stayaway
  22. 4th batch Posted 13/12/2002
    • We can't pretend that we can do without the world
    • Sacrificing lives to score political points
    • JAG SITREP 10th December 2002
    • Zimbabwe strike flops
    • National strike action goes unheeded
    • Funeral of Margaret Sankey
    • Land reform claims another life
    • Zimbabwe debate hots up
    • Mayors call for protest in black
    • Govt urged to rectify human rights abuses
    • Zim's children in the diaspora (Part 3)
    • Hasn't anyone cursed Bob yet?
    • Last pay hike for civil servants
    • Bickering hampers naming of Mash Central governor
    • Harare water woes to persist for next four years
    • Govt to spend $10.88 billion a month to clear interest bill
    • Going down memory lane in Highfields
    • Zim retains rights to host 2003 World Cup finals
    • Zim's traffic cops get Mercs
    • Byo to press ahead with 145% rates hike
  23. 3rd batch Posted 13/12/2002
    • Mugabe’s Toilet Rolls
    • How the ruling party shall flip-flop
    • Zimbabwe is dropped from game park plan
    • JAG Job Opportunities
    • Zim braces for Christmas of discontent
    • Zimbabwe govt mulls country-wide salary freeze
    • Trade Union Leaders Still Under Arrest in Zimbabwe
    • Yesterday in parliament
    • Violence and politicisation of food aid continue
    • Mayors to report to DAs
    • External debt arrears set to rise to US$2.3bln
    • ZANU PF must confound sceptics
    • Gold lures Zimbabwe's new farmers
    • A people-centred constitution can save Zim
    • Zimbabwe's garages run dry again
    • New govt policies seen fuelling ZSE slump
    • Seizure of companies next phase of Zanu PF's strategy
    • Harare residents back Mudzuri on water crisis
    • Lawyers march to press for human rights
    • ZCTU leaders arrested
  24. 2nd batch Posted 13/12/2002
    • Obasanjo and Mugabe are kindred dictatorial spirits
    • Madhuku accuses West of false promises
    • Lack of consultation failed job stayaway
    • Madzongwe slams MP for not respecting Parliament
    • Domestic debts now $319,4 billion
    • Zimra pays informer $7 million
    • 300 resettled families face starvation in Chiredzi
    • Winding fuel queues resurface
    • Zimbabwe's democracy record still poor: US envoy
    • Opposition call for World Cup boycott
    • Should Britain's Cricket Team Play in Zimbabwe?
    • Mwanawasa, Mugabe to open Chirundu bridge
    • Labour leaders jailed
    • Nothing but destruction to show for land grab
    • Price controls cause confusion
    • Economic turmoil may lead to political uprising, warns Bloch
    • Poor rains herald bad harvests for countries in southern Africa
    • Chombo lied, says mayor
    • Mugabe's diplomatic triumph may be short lived
    • Civic groups support stayaway
  25. 1st batch Posted 13/12/2002
    • Only 12 days left to save Zimbabwe from famine
    • Landlords cash in on solar eclipse
    • DA attacks government heads of department
    • Mugabe to attend ANC indaba?
    • Zimbabwe uses food as a political tool, aid groups say
    • Cook: No hope for Africa?
    • Rising prices erode household food security
    • Fuel crisis blamed on corruption at Noczim
    • AFRICA: Violence leading cause of death,WHO
    • SA Should Move From a Strategy That Has Failed
    • Park Could See Mozambicans Displaced
    • US bank tightens credit restrictions to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Will Not Accept Conditional Aid -Mugabe
    • Bodies found in Zimbabwe
    • Too little food or too many people?
    • Food aid will be required until June next year
    • Zanu PF meeting should discuss human rights
    • Rights groups slam food politicisation, violence
    • JAG Legal Communique 12th December 2002
  26. 2nd batch Posted 10/12/2002
    • A Case of Chaos
    • Zimbabwe groups to strike Tuesday over crisis
    • Africa launches largest game park
    • Park: Zim inclusion questioned
    • Zimbabwe economic crisis hits Mugabe's land reforms
    • Water supply to resume in Harare
  27. 1st batch Posted 10/12/2002
    • Zimbabwe's forces of terror and insecurity
    • Lock up your valuables
    • Sugar worth $60m a write off in Chiredzi
    • Border Gezi youths severely assault Chitungwiza man
    • Samdef says Mudenge's statement misleading
    • Dictators' Union of African Leaders is growing
    • Farmers panic as dry spell persists
    • $7,2bn raised to support new farmers
    • Pan-Africanist's encounter with Nigerian state security
    • Youth brigade confiscates forex at border post
    • Fuel shortage hits MDC rally
    • Deputy mayor implicated in assault of boss
    • Council finally receives foreign currency to buy water purifier
    • Article on MDC petitions incorrect and misleading
    • Muchinguri calls for banning of millers
    • New Banks Target Top Earners
    • Mining Industry Asks Govt to Devalue Dollar Mining Industry
    • Zesa Lobbies for Exporters to Settle Half of Bills in Forex
    • Re: Cricket to fight Mugabe
  28. 2nd batch Posted 9/12/2002
    • Moyo's dream in tatters
    • Thirsty Xmas anticipated
    • Zim outlook bleak
    • Using fear as a tool
    • Santa's fantasy economics
    • ZCC: Are you ready to face Judgement Day?
    • The worst profession
    • War vets assault Zanu PF official
    • Zanu PF card now a prerequisite for traders
    • Market records sudden high
    • National service for teachers
    • Food centre for hungry village
  29. 1st batch Posted 9/12/2002
    • Hearts, minds, and a dancing skeleton
    • Zimbabweans Suffer as Basic Goods Subjected to Price Control
    • Mugabe alleged to be 'starving Ndebeles'
    • Trade in endangered species
    • Food centre for hungry village
    • Water taps in Harare run dry
    • Zimbabweans facing worsening crisis
    • A son of Zimbabwe in need of help
    • Short change
    • Zim dances rings around limp-wristed Europe
    • NHS staff 'face HIV tests'
    • Model A2 Farmers Start Benefiting From Sybank Input Scheme
    • Police Operation Nets 850
    • 10 Injured As Bus Crews Clash in Route War
    • Netherlands turns anti-Mugabe
    • Mugabe land grab leader at UK university
    • Fans scared off by unrest
    • Diamonds are a tyrant's best friend
    • Fight for food leaves Zimbabwean lipless
  30. 3rd batch Posted 7/12/2002
    • An elephant can be killed by small insects
    • Zimbabwe's bad seed
    • Motorists want more fuel, not fairy tales
    • Sandawana Column - Working in the Reserve Bank eclipse
    • Price controls will not alleviate shortages
    • Zanu PF openly thwarts popular will
    • The horror that is almost beaten
    • Harare runs dry
    • Barwe to Pull Out of Farm
    • Expectation low ahead of talk shop
    • Ministry recruiting more inspectors
    • Bakers Inn Under Probe
    • Three wise men
    • Aids council sidelining workers, says ZCTU
    • The legitimacy of student unrest in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai offers olive branch to ZANU PF
    • State activates Project Reclaim
    • Zanu PF card passport to maize-meal in Highfield
    • Riot police beat up workers at labour meeting
    • DRC intervention costs $100b
  31. 2nd batch Posted 7/12/2002
    • Budget Hits Motorists' Pockets Yet Again
    • Stop Insulting the People's Intelligence
    • Political murders in Zimbabwe hit 86
    • World Vision to feed 60,000 malnourished children
    • Zanu PF and the Masowe alliance
    • Really sad to see our country fall into ruins
    • Stop beating our citizens, Mozambican mayor pleads
    • Cash-strapped CFU retrenches staff
    • Media workshop slams ZBC for promoting hate, violence
    • Will-o'-the-wisp Nepad needs show of force
    • DRC to get 3 200 more peacekeepers
    • 10 000 foreign tourists view total solar eclipse
    • AAG wants forex flows
    • Political crime takes root in Zim - report
    • CFU members free to contest land seizures
    • Cloete Bounces Back As CFU President
    • CSC to Honour Beef Producers' Debts
    • Josaya Hungwe's 'Pure Lie'
    • U.S. encouraged but wary on Zimbabwe press charges
    • Masiyiwa Named in CNN/Time Global Poll
  32. 1st batch Posted 7/12/2002
    • Zimbabweans whisper for their supper
    • Zim 'worst' in southern Africa
    • What have you done?
    • Land invaders scupper streetkids project
    • Zim Embarks On Massive Restocking Exercise
    • King Lobengula's gold necklace disappears
    • Mangwana threatens Tswanas
    • Airzim contracts SA engineers
    • Tough time for Zim asylum seekers
    • No takers for $60b Agribond
    • Business CEOs urge govt to reverse damaging policies
    • MDC to challenge GMB's monopoly on imports
    • Zanu PF firms hold Harare hostage
    • Food Prices Shoot Up 100%
    • Don't Forget Mugabe's History
  33. 2nd batch Posted 6/12/2002
    • Mugabe takes the cake
    • Eclipse of starvation and corruption
    • Mugabe's ruining of Zimbabwe's public enterprises
    • Zim's children in the diaspora (Part 2)
    • Forex black market continues to thrive
    • Tour operators fail to cash in on eclipse
    • Hungry workers beg Tsvangirai to save them from starvation
    • Poor rains raise concern in region over next harvest
    • A case of come to Zimbabwe and be Eclipsed?
    • Zimbabwe in crisis as Aids kills 300 a day
    • Women protest against abuse in Zanu PF
    • Star sheds light on African 'Stonehenge'
    • Zimbabwe currency support drive 'fails'
    • Economic problems exacerbate violence against women
    • MALAWI-ZAMBIA-ZIMBABWE: USAID pledges US $100 million for most vulnerable
    • In the Shadow of the Moon
    • Zimbabwe Postpones Us$844 Million Imports
    • U.S. encouraged but wary on Zimbabwe press charges
  34. 1st batch Posted 6/12/2002
    • 'Jambanja' may be officially over but the violence remains
    • Zimbabwe needs genuine patriots, not genuine partisans
    • Equities market continues to slide
    • Moral challenge for the police force
    • Dollar devalued through multiple exchange rate
    • Civil society needs to build a social movement
    • Police take Barwe for indications at crime scene
    • War vets force teachers to pay for Zanu PF conference
    • Clean water runs out
    • Last term for army chiefs?
    • Industry to shut down till March
    • Harvest of thorns: 'Chimurenga chenzara'
    • Fixed exchange rate policy unrealistic: judge
    • CIO officers livid over appointment
    • Time to get real
    • Zim fertiliser companies apply for export licences
    • Exporters to lobby for special exchange rate
    • Farmers want $70 000/tonne for maize
    • Re: Nigerian Scam letters ~ 'How's the weather in Harare?'
  35. Posted 5/12/2002
    • Government farm seizures continue
    • Queues remain in spite of fuel delivery assurances
    • Unity must mean peace, goodwill to all people
    • Forces' parade a blatant display of brute force
    • Mayor slams food distribution
    • Majongwe says teachers sacrificed for political gain
    • Cross hits at Zanu PF for ruining economy
    • Beitbridge runs dry ahead of solar eclipse
    • Plot to kill Chegutu mayor, says MDC
    • Zimbabwe to host African Airlines Association meeting
    • Zimbabwe crisis
    • Council asks Zambia to help with solar eclipse tourists
    • DRC trade deal divides House on party lines
    • The Zimbabwean model
    • Zimbabwe court drops charges against journalists
    • Zimbabwe stocks defy crisis
    • We need corn, beans and medicine!
    • Zimbabwe's missing millions
    • Zimbabwe ends telecoms monopoly
    • Focus on women's lack of access to land
  36. Posted 4/12/2002
    • Famine looms as commercial farms reduced to zero activity
    • Gezi must be in anguish at horror done in his name
    • Soldiers always for, not against, people
    • Government in move to tax informal sector
    • Dulibadzimu's two contrasting faces of squalor and luxury
    • Dealers vow to bypass forex restrictions
    • Solar eclipse warning
    • NCA applauds demo participants
    • MDC activists arrested at cricket match
    • Hill accused of corruption
    • Government denies tensions with Botswana
    • Mugabe 'to blame for region's woes'
    • Jambanja
    • Magistrate Mandinde Resigns, Joins Misa
    • Zimbabwe says relations with Botswana haven't soured
  37. 3rd batch Posted 3/12/2002
    • Residents petition against evictions
    • UN official warns of refugee influx
    • Foul weather ahead?
    • Government denies tensions with Botswana
    • Steps taken to protect women refugees against abuse
    • Two die in cholera outbreak near Beit Bridge
    • Donor support for education fast-track
  38. 2nd batch Posted 3/12/2002
    • Joseph Made should resign in shame
    • Barbours not quite what it was
    • MDC must come clean
    • Let's agree to differ
    • Review of 2003 budget Part 1
    • After Iraq, Saudis may be next
    • The Woes of a Worker in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Food Aid Deal Collapses
    • Bank loses millions in forex scam
    • Belgian Credit Agency Issues Default Notice Against Zimbabwe
    • Potential for Conflict Over Land
    • What sort of farmers need to be urged to till the land?
    • Famine looms as commercial farms reduced to zero activity
    • Census report due out in December 2004
    • Not disclosing losses in DRC smacks of cover-up
    • Add another name to the axis of evil: Mugabe
    • Farming disaster
    • ZCTU denies political links
    • Government still mum on DRC casualties
    • Police still holding NCA employees without charge
  39. 1st batch Posted 3/12/2002
    • Mugabe 'to blame for region's woes'
    • Olusola Warns of Imminent Land Dispute in South Africa
    • Economic nightmare of great proportions
    • 'Boycotts should be the province of governments'
    • Zim troops 'ready to tackle state enemies'
    • Forex dealers attacked in Zimbabwe
    • Get on yer bike
    • We have failed, says Made
    • Sengu dismissed over bonuses
    • Mawere blasts govt
    • MDC to name Kuwadzana candidate
    • Kamushinda in retrenchment dispute
    • Students drop courses as forex shortage bites
    • Chinos' raid forces Bakers Inn to close
    • Thou shalt not swear at Bob
    • Zanu PF heading for a fight in Mutare
    • Matobo officials escape graft charges
    • Sick of blame game
    • Pakistanis may have felt at home
    • Well said!
  40. Posted 2/12/2002
    • Mugabe As Predictable As Rising Sun
    • Eclipse - Tradition Fades As Day Turns to Night
    • Mugabe warns of Govt troop crackdown
    • Mugabe flexes his muscles
    • Hold your horses - Mugabe's going nowhere'
    • Zimbabwe's brain drain
    • Madhuku warns government of people power
    • Ex-British SAS officer involved in training farm occupiers
    • Nations Mark World AIDS Day With Rallies
    • NGO launches food aid programme for farm workers
    • From the famous Alan Hale
    • " Oh this wonderous place called Africa!" (letter)
  41. 3rd batch Posted 1/12/2002
    • Xmas treat for Zimbabweans in the diaspora
    • Economic nightmare of great proportions
    • Brussels outcome no victory for Zimbabwe
    • Bid to boycott Bredenkamp's Sanyati Lodge
    • Govt to introduce patriotism course
    • Yet another date for Mat water project
    • Why Mudede barred me from inspecting the voters roll.
    • Fuel situation set to deteriorate
    • Starving Zimbabweans
  42. 2nd batch Posted 1/12/2002
    • The government cannot win this war
    • CIO official loots Nyamandlovu farm
    • Call to use traditional herbs to fight Aids
    • Beitbridge school closed after cholera outbreak
    • No typhoid outbreak in Harare, says official
    • Tsvangirai vows to continue
    • Ex-BHP workers evicted from Norton flats
    • Barwe fires shots at war vet over land row
    • UN acts on Tongogara
    • Youth - cannon fodder in Africa's conflicts
    • MDC volunteer denies tempering with voters' roll
    • Letters to the editor
    • Expat forex: is it merely a trickle?
    • Stock market rout continues
    • All Evicted from Kamativi Mine
    • Zimbabwe offers World Cup assurance to ICC: Speed
    • Zim recalls commissioner after Mugabe attack
    • Mugabe pours scorn on charges of plunder in Congo
    • Beyond Tears
    • Policy switch to cut asylum 'abuse'
  43. 1st batch Posted 1/12/2002
    • Laying waste a continent
    • Open Letter Forum
    • New measure to tackle asylum abuse
    • UN runs out of food for Zimbabwe
    • The new veterans march home
    • Letter from Lubumbashi
    • National Liberation Movement heroes of SA and Zim
    • Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe
    • ACP MPs slam Zimbabwe
    • Zim's bid to host Cricket World Cup under threat
    • AIDS pandemic threatens world stability: UN official
    • Resettled farmers in trouble
    • Visa fees up as Zim dollar plummets
    • Cry, beleaguered country
    • Ex-Ohio Rep. to Push Biocrops at U.N.
    • London outpost spreading the word back to Harare
    • Government asked to reconsider
    • Mbeki's nemesis: Mugabe and Nepad

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