Green bombers already being trained: ZPP

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has already activated the training of youth militias under the guise of National Youth Service (NYS) ahead of make-or-break elections next year, a local peace lobby group has said.

Source: Green bombers already being trained: ZPP – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 1, 2017


In a statement following Mugabe’s announcement that government should consider re-introducing the training of the infamous NYS accused of electoral violence including rape and murder, the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) said it was aware that training of the youths, derisively referred to as Green Bombers because of their uniforms, was already underway.

“Mountview Vocational Training Centre in Mashonaland East has closed its doors to make way for the youth militia training. This shows that plans to reintroduce the training were already in motion before the President’s announcement. The programme had been discontinued in 2009 after the formation of the Government of National Unity (GNU),” ZPP said.

But Zanu PF’s former director for information and now Highfield West lawmaker, Psychology Maziwisa, accused the opposition MDC-T of scaremongering tactics in fear of electoral defeat. “The attempt to raise false alarms about possible violence in 2018 is a clear sign that they are developing cold feet and are well alive to the impending annihilation of opposition politics by Zanu PF in 2018,” he said.

“The MDC must come out in the open and admit that it has eventually dawned on them that they cannot dislodge Zanu PF in a democratic, free and fair election and stop this nonsense of endlessly hiding behind unfounded, unsubstantiated and unsustainable claims of violence.

“The brutal truth is that they are a clueless party with no policies, no agenda and no leadership.”

Maziwisa argued that, if anything, it was the MDC-T that has been proven to be violent, citing the incarceration of three activists for the 2011 murder of police Inspector Petros Mutedza, as an indication of the violent nature of former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party.

“Moreover, the recent conviction of MDC thugs for the murder of a police officer in cold blood a few years ago is more than enough evidence of who the real perpetrators of violence in this country are,” the MP said.

The opposition party argues it was a politically-motivated trial and resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

Mugabe last weekend called on the government to re-introduce the training of the youth brigades, as part of youth empowerment programmes. Opposition parties immediately raised a red flag, arguing Mugabe was laying the groundwork for a bloody poll.

ZPP said it remains “sceptical” of Mugabe’s intentions.

“This is a call to the escalation of violence by the Head of State. The programme, which is pitched as a patriotic programme, has often been used to further partisan political agendas. Youths trained in various camps all over the country under this programme have been involved in acts of political violence,” ZPP said. It added that Mugabe seemed to be looking for fresh storm-troopers after being dumped by veterans of the liberation struggle.

“With the war veterans currently refusing to campaign for President Mugabe, we fear that the youths will be used to campaign for the ruling party leader with violent consequences,” the statement added.

ZPP called on Mugabe to reverse his decision and instead institute an inquiry into human rights abuses by the national youth service graduates.


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    Opposition parties just have to stop this cry-baby-and-no-action culture. It wont stop zanu pf culture of vote-rigging &violence, which all Zimboz & the international community are well aware of . And, of course, international community will never do anything to Mugabe & his zanu pf – that’s for sure. It’s simply a “none-but ourselves” situation. Only Zimboz shall rescue themselves. So in short, dear opposition leaders: This screaming & whamming is just too far from being enough, we expect more of practical solutions & strategies to counter Mugabe & his zanu pf ‘s terrorism against the peace-loving citizenry. We want to see your leadership in that specific regard. Since 2008 I have not seen it. Yes, before 2008, I would say there was something in that regard. But ever since, clearly opposition leadership has fully fledged graduated into a cry-baby team with no counter strategies. We deserve more than that from our leadeship.

    Like if we know Mugabe is already busy brainwashing & drug adict-ing our gullible improverished young men and women to make them ready to kill & maim in Mugabe’s name come 2018, that be a positive warning to us. Now, its up to opposition leadership to prepare for that by way of counter strategies – not just crying.