Mujuru dictatorial streak unshakable

Mujuru dictatorial streak unshakable

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s discussions with women in the Diaspora have brought to the fore uncomfortable character traits that appear to confirm her critics’ suggestions that she lacks the charisma, tact and intellectual potency that Zimbabweans are believed to admire in President Robert Mugabe.

Source: Mujuru dictatorial streak unshakable – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 14, 2017

Comment: NewsDay Editor

One thing that really stood out, however, was her indication that she will seek revenge for the cruel death of her husband and decorated war hero, Solomon Mujuru, who died in a freak inferno at his Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice in August 2011.

It is quite ironic that Mujuru is now laying the blame on Mugabe, yet after her husband’s death, she continued to serve in government under the same person she now claims has had her husband’s blood on his hands for three years.

One is tempted to assume that her claims are inspired by her forced ejection from Zanu PF. The question, really, is: If she had not been fired from Zanu PF, was she going to pursue this matter?

Although the iconic commander’s family has previously expressed unhappiness over the findings of a government-initiated inquest into his death, they never made noise about it while Mujuru was still in government, and it was perhaps going to remain like that forever.

It would appear all Mujuru’s current rantings are nothing but sour grapes by a woman scorned. This is the same woman who claims she had been anointed by the same Mugabe to take over as the leader of Zanu PF and ultimately the country only to be undone by “male chauvinists as well as misguided women colleagues”.

Sometimes silence, as they say, is golden. Mujuru would have done herself and her party a world of good by sticking to opposition politics and how she is going to help the democratic process in Zimbabwe.

Mujuru needs nothing short of a miracle to convince the majority of Zimbabweans that she will be a competent President if given the chance, and would ably steer the ship of State. Many are sceptical of her intentions given her tainted image by association with the ruling Zanu PF party for over half her life and three decades in government.

Her responses to questions during interviews leave a lot to be desired. Questions around her suitability to take Zimbabwe forward have also been raised by the way she dealt with colleagues before the split with Zimbabwe People First last month. There is a streak that cannot only be traced back to Mugabe, but Zanu PF. It is a dangerous dictatorial streak that Zimbabwe does not want in the 21st century. The Zanu PF bug seems to have bitten her too deep. It might be too late to reverse unless a miracle comes along.


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