Sandi-Moyo’s woes mount

Sandi-Moyo’s woes mount

ZANU PF women’s league deputy politburo secretary and Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi-Moyo’s political problems continue to mount, with a member of the ruling party’s youth league accusing her of funding rogue elements.

Source: Sandi-Moyo’s woes mount – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 9, 2017


Zanu PF youth league’s Luveve district commissar Mabutho Moyo, who Sandi-Moyo accused of “rebellion and insulting President Robert Mugabe” on Tuesday hit back daring the politburo member to a political fight.

“It is only clear that she is protecting her foot soldiers or she also has a hand in the ineptness of the cabal, the districts have spoken and they demand a response. Her threat to suspend me will not silence the aggrieved youths.

“Her pronouncement was actually anticipated and expected because she has never been a builder in the party and province. She has never preached growth or unity, only suspensions and intimidation of party structures, unfortunately I am not one to be intimidated,” he said.

Moyo was part of a group of youths who last week demonstrated against Sandi-Moyo and other members of the ruling party’s provincial executive demanding that they be relieved of their duties.

But the Bulawayo Provincial minister called Moyo to order urging the youth leader to “follow the right channels.”

“That was a party meeting, why should he report me to you? I spoke to the party and never addressed a newspaper.

“I am glad that he knows protocol by highlighting concerns to the province, but when he then goes to the newspaper, he has lost protocol. If he has a problem with what I said he must go to the source and redress that problem not to the press,” Sandi-Moyo said.

Moyo, however, argued Zanu PF had been “captured in Bulawayo under Sandi-Moyo’s watch.

“In any case we (districts) don’t need her blessings to execute a massive campaign for the party and our President Mugabe for 2018 beginning next month.

“We are in touch with the grassroots so when we request with our immediate bosses (province) we expect a response from them not the Politburo. This is a clear testimony of party capture in the province and if it goes unchecked it will negatively impact on our efforts for a 2018 victory,” he said

Last week’s provincial co-ordinating committee meeting also moved a motion of no confidence against Moyo’s mother and Central Committee member Annah on allegations of supporting the youths demonstration.

Moyo said the move to suspend her mother was just a ploy to punish her for his “sins.”

“We are aware of her (Sandi-Moyo)’s desire to be proclaimed as Bulawayo ‘Guru’ and her actions will soon catch up with her. Zanu PF is a mass party with a system, procedure and a clear binding constitution,” Moyo charged.

During last week demonstration, the youth had demanded the dissolution of the interim executive and accused Sandi-Moyo of abuse of party fuel coupons, food aid and fomenting crisis in the province.