Khama blames Zimbabwe

By | June 16, 2014

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Botswana president blames Zim. 16 June 2014  by Staff Reporter

BOTSWANA President Ian Khama has blamed the spread of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in his country on Zimbabwe saying Harare has failed to meet its part of the bargain in compensating affected farmers.

Botswana’s Daily News online reported that Khama made the remarks while addressing a meeting at Robelela in the Mmadinare constituency on Thursday last week.

Khama said his government was doing everything in its power to assist affected farmers.

He, however, said not all dead cattle would be replaced as investigations would be carried out to decide which ones to replace.

Khama said cattle in the area were killed to control the spread of FMD while others just died because they had not adapted to the new environment.Khama said his government was spending a lot of money in trying to control FMD and blamed Zimbabwe for not servicing its part of the bargain.

“Although most of the viruses came from Zimbabwe, the two countries had agreed to share the costs. However, at the moment Zimbabwe does not have money to pay their share and this has ben a problem to Botswana,” he said.

Botswana is reportedly struggling to recover P1 million from Zimbabwe’s Cold Storage Company (CSC) for the supply of cattle under a 2011 agreement.

Botswana and Zimbabwe signed a memorandum of understanding in July 2011 under which close to 30 000 cattle from the neighbouring country’s FMD-infested zones were to be imported for direct slaughter at CSC abattoirs in Bulawayo.



28 thoughts on “Khama blames Zimbabwe

  1. John Thomas

    What! Zimbabwe government not keeping up to its end of the bargain?

    I am surprised anybody would go into any arrangement with our ZANU infested excuse for a government.

  2. zanupf fear me

    Khana always made Mugabe Machel nyerere Kaunda does Santos mbeki mtwarlkwa kabila look like the village idiots they always were. Viva Botswana. Pasi sadcc buffoons front line clowns. Pamberi the uprising

  3. munzwa

    ask Khama to annex Zimbabwe, better management all round..

  4. Bloody agent

    If only all southern african countries has a Khama at the helm.

  5. Chaka

    If Khama could take over Zimbabwe, it would be a better place.

  6. DubboZimbo

    Don’t worry Bob will pass the blame onto the whites when he gets back from his latest shopping/eye check (tick applicable) trip.

  7. Petal

    Ian Khama who will en up footing the whole bill forget these bufoons they owe every tom dick and harry money

    come one mixed race hear hear hear Viva Botswana

  8. Petal

    Botswana is reportedly struggling to recover P1 million from Zimbabwe’s Cold Storage Company (CSC) for the supply of cattle under a 2011 agreement.

    Ian Khama demand your money from the theiving scumbags they have the money to fly all over the show and pay for posh hospitals in Singapore or if they do not pay take the bufoon government to court

  9. Straight Shooter

    How I wish we in Mthwakazi were a part of Botswana or South Africa!!!

      1. Straight Shooter

        There is too much tribalism, racism and confusion up north. I South iyarocker!!

  10. Straight Shooter

    We share borders with them after all. Harare shares borders with Malawi and Mozambique. They should stay there!!

  11. Petal

    Ian Khama if the theiving scumbags do not pay the one million and you go through the channels of complaining through SADC AU and you do not get any joy- take it to an International Court – sort the theiving scumbags out Botswana

  12. Petal

    Come on Botswana make a lot of noise about your money you have people to take care of

  13. Swagman

    Botswana is voted Africa’s Best Governed Country,
    three years running.

    The Criteria includes, Health, Transport, Education,
    Human Rights,Transparency and Freedom of Speech, amongst

    Botswana is a ‘Shining City on the Hill’ compared to the ‘Rusting Slum in the Gutter’, that is Zimbabwe!!!!

    1. Petal

      wooo hear hear hear Swagman
      If Bob read this he probably tell Ian Khama iwe makaradi zimbabwe is mine leave my zimbabwe!! Icho welcome to zimbabwe ruins

  14. Petal

    it will rain hail stones and floods if the bufoons pay Botswana the money their are on record for not paying always give us give us we want this we want that and never paying for anything always want DEBTS WRITTEN OFF.
    Botswana do not let these bufoons off the hook if they come with a sad story that they do not have money deal with them the proper way

  15. Collin Mackenzie

    Petal, come on man you such a losser and have no idea of what you are saying about the subject matter.

    Please stop your tribal coments a leave us coloured people out of your distasteful and degrading posts.

    Khama had nothing nice to say about Zimbabwe and he should just shut up.

    Foot and mouth was never a zimbabwe problem from day one it was the business, we have the best vets in the world dude shut up your face okay.

    1. Petal

      Do you understand english?:-

      “Botswana is reportedly struggling to recover P1 million from Zimbabwe’s Cold Storage Company (CSC) for the supply of cattle under a 2011 agreement.”
      You are just using the name Mackenzie to hide your identity
      Botswana is struggling to get money from Zimbabwe one million
      if you owe someone money you must make sure you pay it back grow up yo must be the one of them that is sitting pretting and on the gravy train
      and yes Bob the geriatic would have responded the way – have he used to refer to the whites as Murungu in his speeches

    2. Petal

      Not the only one who is saying how deprived Mat is (straight shooter is saying something?)is and you rich coloureds for a start can never assist those that are struggling you have a tendency to frown on them

  16. Petal

    you Mackenzie are you a Barham Green Coloured because you coloureds from that area were always thinking you are more superior than those others who lived inplaces like forestvale dont fool me know what am talking about?

  17. Petal

    You Mackenzie who helped ordinary zimbabweans when you had the serious cholera epidemic when your own leader was flying here there no wonder you people in zim are so badluck because you forget the people who once assisted you when things were going wrong. Choppies in Bulawayo why because atleast he thinks of you you selfish thing

  18. Petal

    Perhaps Zimbabwe Situation needs to bring back the memories of that serious cholera epidemic to refresh selfish people like Mackenzie

  19. Petal

    bet you not one person said thank you when they were being treated for the Cholera epidemic when it happened. remember the story of the lepers in the bible that were healed by Jesus most of them never came back to say thank you only one did

  20. Petal

    The zambians were feeding zimbabwean people before and now after independence shame shame shame shame on you yet again bet you no one said thank you the whole world is feeding your people while bob just takes it easy flying here and there you people are a cursed nation because of your ungratefulness

  21. Petal

    When the zambians were going through a bad patch zimbabwe did not ever help them this geriatic just watched – food for thought

  22. Petal

    Ian Khama is probably not happy with the way things are going in zimbabwe – surely if this Bob can go shouting and screaming the world over when he does not give a stuff about the ordinary person in the street especially from this region, – Ian Khama also has the right to show his feelings- Botswana repeat Botswana was there for the ordinary people who some lost their lives due to the cholera epidemic not that geriatic who goes to see specialists in Singapore .
    The water mains are eroded and the water is unfit for drinking, no electricity, someone is hiding the medication or asking for money under the counter while people are ill dying, phones lines do not work, industries closing down -the geriatic does not give a STUFF about a country he claims is his my zimbabwe Mckenzie WAKE UP


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