‘Mugabe closer to the son of God’

via ‘Mugabe closer to the son of God’ – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  30 DECEMBER 2013  

Zanu PF junior spokesperson Psychology Maziwisa has taken President Robert Mugabe bootlicking to new heights, saying the 89-year-old is closer to the son of God.

Posting on his Facebook page, Maziwisa said Mugabe is no Jesus Christ, but he shares the same vision as Christ.

“President Mugabe is no Jesus Christ, but the constant persecution which he has suffered for standing for what is right brings him closer to Christ,” said Maziwisa.

He added that; “Yet it is clear that President Mugabe comes closer than most people when it comes to applying Christ’s teachings — certainly much closer than Morgan Tsvangirai who doesn’t seem to understand that intentionally destroying people’s lives goes against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“President Mugabe definitely has the same vision that Christ had, namely that you should not just stand by your beliefs when your critics persecute you, but should also continue to implement them.”

Maziwisa is not the first Zanu PF official to shower Mugabe with praises. Webster Shamu, minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services once said Mugabe was feared the world over because of his intelligence and was like Cremora.

“Gushungo, people say you have Cremora, the whole body. The war, the world over, is about you. They fear you and that is why they are doing all this,” Shamu said.

“There is no president the world over who has degrees like President Mugabe. He is brainy and that’s why he is feared. You fought the liberation struggle for a long time and you should also rule for as long as you want.”

Party chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo who is also a senior minister of State  in the president’s Office once described Mugabe as a liberator of unparalleled proportions “who God should keep for a long time to rule Zimbabwe”.

“His Excellency you are a liberator of unparalleled audacity.

“You are a useful and amazing leader and we pray to God to make you stronger and continue to lead us from the front,” he said.

The late Stan Mudenge who was once minister of higher education also described Mugabe as one of “Africa’s all-time greatest men”, saying even enemies of the veteran leader envied his “encyclopaedic” memory, wisdom and courage.

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33 comments on “‘Mugabe closer to the son of God’
  1. Fallenz says:

    Pure hogwash. That fellow understands absolutely nothing about the Son of God, and is blind regarding the pirate Mugabe who killed and gutted the nation to enrich himself and his family. Mugabe lives in fear because he understands he is near the Son of God in that judgment comes very soon when Robert will be forced to trade his privilege and wealth for the eternity his murders and lies and theft cost him. Pity him for what awaits… rejoice that God is the avenger of His faithful. Do you fear?

  2. Khaya'bonina says:

    Mad boy , very mad indeed ,why did you go to school boy , solely to tell us this rubbish , shame the money was waisted , your parents will punish you for this becareful .

  3. dsct says:

    More akin to the son of Satan!

  4. Chatambudza12 says:

    Such blasphemy should not go unchallenged! People of Zimbabwe rise up why should God continue to punish us for not standing for what is blasphemy at its highest order! No ways Zimbabweans wake up! I remember Tony Gara once likened Mugabe to God which was utter blasphemy and no one ever challenged him for his utterances – please let us all unite and condemn such utterances. We are suffering because of such blasphemies! Enough is enough Mugabe is just a mere mortal human being. Mwari Vari kushatirwa nazvo Voti saka regaika mutongwe na Mugabe mwari wenyu!

  5. Chatambudza12 says:

    Maziwisa wacho ngaamunamate ega. Wedu Jesu Vari kudenga and is immortal!

  6. jackson says:

    ndicho chikonzero mvura isinganayi

  7. MikeH says:

    Psychology ? … For sure this village idiot has got the right name !!!

  8. Rwendo says:

    And just like Jesus said; “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” so too our ageless, national miracle said unto Blair; “,,let me keep my Zimbabwe.” Mea culpa, Maziwisa – that makes him sound more like Caesar, doesn’t it…rega ndimbofunga futi.

  9. Peter tosh says:

    Maziwisa, stop playing with God. I don’t know what motivates you to say such satanic statements comparing your devil to the son of God. I never read anywhere in the bible that Jesus discriminated people because of their colour or was a politician and that he distributed food on partisan lines and killed 20000 people. So what makes you compare him with the devil’s disciple? Did u want to say he is closer to Satan maybe. Think twice and read the bible properly and change your ways. U again say he is closer to God than Tsvangirai, or really? U are the judge now? I feel pity for you.This world is under the rule of the devil who is even using people like you to think that politics is God’s business. In God’s kingdom there is no hatred, no discrimination, no wars, no dearth, no fighting for land but peace and harmony amongst all nations, tribes and human race.

  10. tino says:

    Please leave Maziwisa alone.His brain is in a permanent decaying state!!!!!He doesn’t need our attention.To liken Jesus to Mugabe is thuggrish,sheer stupidity , horrible thinking .The man is a buffoon.This tells why Zimbabwe continues to develop policies and policies.The papers as documents are brilliant but execution is done by skewed brain idiots like Maziwisa.The good thing is that God’s wrath has no appeal.Haupone nejambanja.This brings to question the role of Zimbabwe council of Churches.You have to summon this mad , overzealous idiot to explain if it is God who spoke to him or he is in total hallucination after being promised a job of which he has no idea to execute besides clinching his fist for a slogan..The days the devil takes his sons we will have rains in abundance.
    Maziwisa, you said it by the end of the year but all readers , God fearing will agree with me that you are the winner of 2013 FOOL OF THE YEAR.ENJOY YOUR PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. chilimanzi says:

    Barking i..ot

  12. Parangeta says:

    Who is this Mugabe chap?

  13. Tafunuka says:

    You are right Maziwisa because that’s where you get your bread and butter. I see Maziwisa taking over from Jonzo Moyo. Tony Gara did it and he was awarded. Josia Hungwe did it and he was given a ministry with a funny name; Psycho-motor….Kkkkkkkkk! We fought for the liberation of Zimbabweans but we decided to stay away from politics. Unoseenzeswa kusvika wafa. Politics are just like joining varoyi. You will be forced to eat your own child.

  14. Gudge says:

    Mxn,,i now know wat ‘sarcastic’ means felas

  15. onini says:

    Maziwisa is an idiot. How. Can you liken a mortal human being to God

  16. Nyepudzayi says:

    Idolatry at its best. What an idiot to compare Mugabe with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. Stingray says:

    He wants to be reappointed to the minerals board as its chairman. Watch the press!

  18. A failed gay singing for his supper. Willworshipping false idols save you when you languish in the snakepit at our new chikurubi?

  19. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Mugabe is a great leader for whom,I have total respect,in human terms.But he is not divine.
    This guy is being blasephemous in an attempt to show his support for our leader.

  20. Michael says:

    I think that Mugabe is more like the antithesis of Moses. Moses led the people of Israel from bondage to the land of milk and honey – Mugabe let his people from bondage to starvation with milk and homey only for his family and a few cronies and worse bondage for his people.

  21. William Doctor says:

    Hopefully Mugabe will soon be close to the ‘son of god’ – if you know what I mean.

  22. Democracy wisher says:

    Maziwisa has shown his stupidity to the last point.How can he compare Mugabe to Jesus Christ???He could have compared him to devil cz tht man is a devil himself how many people did Mugabe and his cronies killed????.USELESS BUFOON MAZIWISA

  23. Kevin Watson says:

    I wish Mugabe would hasten the process of going to meet this mythical God.

  24. LUCY says:

    This is the level to which grown men (and women) have been reduced. literally emasculated and made to sing for their supper. The louder and prolonged the eulogies to ‘old man ‘the higher the chances that this man whose name I will not try to remember will be awarded a conditional ‘job’. I say conditional because as soon as another man sings louder he will be given the same job. The list of men like this one waiting to spit and polish the’old man’s’ nether regions with their bare tongues is endless as we have seen time and time again. I just want to puke.

  25. Mukanya says:

    When his parents christened him Psychology they had foreseen the problem likely to be-devil their progeny

  26. Zvichapera says:

    That is why some of no longer follow Christianity or any so called revealed religion because of such, I would rather read Thomas Paine than to follow a religion so messed up because of its followers. If people only knew that Jesus never preached in his two years before being crucified that he was starting a new religion, is all lies. Jesus was a great teacher and no son of God.

  27. John Thomas says:

    Read the piece as being ironic or sarcastic and it is actually quite good

  28. Chez Ntemba says:

    Iwe stop this blaspemy

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