The Zimbabwe I want – Vince Musewe

via The Zimbabwe I want November 7, 2013 NewsDay by Vince Musewe

Never, has so much been owed by so few to so many.

My name its Vincent Tichafa Musewe, I am an African who by God’s design, was born here in Zimbabwe so that after I am gone, this place will be a better place because I have lived. After all that is true leadership.

I. therefore, must share with you my idea of Zimbabwe. It is not what I see today.

We must revive our economy as a matter of urgency, but more important, we must tell a new story about our beautiful country. We must invest a new narrative, a new paradigm so that out of our bosom may be born a new beginning where all Zimbabweans regardless of race can live up to their full potential.

We must hurry and be gripped by the creation of those circumstances we desire most without being cowered or being afraid. After all, fear is a mental construct.

We must create a country where all are free to pursue their dreams without limit; a country whose unimaginable wealth can be utilised to eradicate poverty and lack; a country whose resources are applied to the benefit of all and not to benefit a few men and women simply because they have access to arms of war.

My ideas and inspirations in creating a new Zimbabwe are based on one undeniable truth; that any nation that does not create freedom and liberty for its citizens to live up to their full potential will in turn, never attain its own full potential. The people must come first and their happiness and development must, therefore, be nourished, protected and preserved so that our country can truly become what we imagine it to be.

The dignity, security and prosperity of every Zimbabwean enshrined in our constitution were not fashioned to be applied at the whim of our leaders, but these are non negotiable rights for everyone born Zimbabwean. It is a non negotiable instrument that cannot be returned to sender. We must demand that this government meets its obligations.

In my opinion, no economic blue print no matter how clever and intelligent it may sound can ever create the conditions necessary for progress until the values of those that lead us change. Economic blue prints hardly excite me simply because we have had so many of them. Let us therefore, be careful and not be complacent because the days are dangerous.

To our politicians: I do not care how many degrees you may have; how many doctorates and academic accolades you may lay claim on if I see young Zimbabwean girls in South Africa or in Harare becoming prostitutes to make a living so that they may feed their children back home.

When I see small burnt children at a hospital that cannot treat them because there are no medicines, I don’t care what car you drive.

When I hear that Zimbabweans are fighting off animals for fruit so that they may have something to eat, I do not care where you live or what designer suit you are wearing.

I care less for the sophisticated English words you may use in justifying your entitlement to power when I know that my brothers and sisters in the Diaspora must take three jobs so that they may survive and also look after their siblings at home.

When pensioners who worked for half of their lifetime cannot buy food or I am not impressed by the way you walk or talk.

I care less for the balance in your bank account when I hear that a large number of young mothers are dying from cervical cancer or that two million Zimbabweans will go hungry this season. When I see desperate youths wonder how each day will turn out because they are unemployed

What use are your degrees in history, philosophy, rocket science, medicine, politics if those degrees lead to wide spread poverty, depression and hopelessness?

What use are they when we know we in Zimbabwe have some of the largest mineral wealth on earth including vast fertile soils yet we are facing an economic calamity? They are useless.

Never, in my opinion, has so much been owed by so few to so many.

The Zimbabwe I seek to create will have none of this.

Unfortunately I do not see this Zimbabwe I dream of coming tomorrow. I know, however, that it is buried deep down within my soul and it was born the day I was born in Highfield. God willing, it will surely come to pass in my life time.

All we need now is hope and a strong belief in our potential, but this hope must be underpinned by action; action to do what we can from where we are with what we have to create the circumstances we deserve.

We must accelerate the creation of a new Zimbabwe that is not limited by the imagination of those that only seek personal benefit, but a Zimbabwe of unlimited potential underpinned and fashioned by the free spirit of the people of Zimbabwe.

It will take a while, but I am convinced that one fine day, in the steal of the night it will come.

Don’t give up!


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22 comments on “The Zimbabwe I want – Vince Musewe
  1. Angela Wigmore says:

    Well said Vince. I was born and spent 52 years of my life in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe before I was forced to exile myself to Britain over 10 years ago. According to the new Constitution I am no longer a national of my Homeland. For me it is akin to caging an animal in a zoo – I may be housed, fed and generally looked after, but that does not satisfy my soul in its yearning for my natural habitat. I despair of the megalomaniacs who have brought so much misery to a prosperous, beautiful country’s once-happy people.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      True ANGELA

    • Lizi Nkala says:

      Angela Wigmore, you say you are well fed and looked after, possibly by your children and not the British Government. Old people like you are fleeing Britain to go to New Zealand to retire there in a little better comfort than they would otherwise if they remained in the Tiered Britain. Angela Wigmore, if you think people were happy in Rhodesia think again. I suppose you do not have 5 servants like you used to have when in Rhodesia, – a Nanny, a Cook, a Gardener, a Maid and a Buttler. You are now living a normal life, not the satanic one underpined by seggregation, repression, oppression and deprevation that you used to have in Rhodesia. Angela Wigmore, you are being loughed at by Millions of Zimbabweans who think ill of Rhodesia, who lough at the stupidity of Rhodesia. Rhodesia dream will never come true, ever again. Enjoy the cold, rain, snow and chilling winds in Britain and we will enjoy the sunshine – and Zimbabwe – and the land!!!!

      • Angela Wigmore says:

        Lizi, your airhead suppositions are not worth commenting on. But I, too, have a supposition – that you were not born before 1980 or you were very young at Independence.

        • Lizi Nkala says:

          Angela Wigmore, another supposition:- What I told you hurt so much you will not sleep well tonight. Facts, facts are what I stated. If you think my head is full of air, then think what yours must be full of – a person, a member of the foolish Rhodies who said they will never see a Black Prime Minister in their life time. Well, not only did you see one, but you lived to witness the complete reversal of the fantacy world you had foolishly built for yourselves. Another supposition Angela. I suppose you lost one or two sons or husband or close relative foolishly trying to defend Rhodesia. All that was for nothing at the end of the day. How foolish you are Angela!!!! Your head would have been blessed if it was full of air. With air in your head, you would not have lost Rhodesia, you would have kept it. So, something worse than air must be in your head to have ended up a pouper like you are now. Please never come back to our country!!!! Our country still has enought dirt yet to be rid of – Rhodies who won’t go home – to COLD BRITAIN.

          • Angela Wigmore says:

            Lizi, your foolish witterings are an embarrassment and a disgrace to intelligent Zimbabweans.

  2. Pastor says:

    I believe God sometimes asks us to do specific things for specific purposes. But most of the time I think he gives us freedom to choose.Something really powerful happens when we believe we get to choose to go, or not go. We stop feeling resentful and passing blame. We start taking accountability for our circumstances and actions.We start embracing difficulty and failure for what it has to offer us. Life on earth is not predestined where God chose before the earth was created who would live, and when and how they would die. Fate and predestination are both false doctrines.What an offensive thought! How dare you! You have sinned for even thinking this and are in need of repentance! Yes you are grieving right now, but how dare you blame it on God and think he doesn’t even care! Remember, God originally provided a perfect home of eternal life in paradise in the Garden of Eden and MAN’S own sin got him kicked out. Have you ever sinned? Jesus, on the other hand, never did sin, but He died for our sins. God gave his only son in death, so we might have life! What we see in this world is not eternity but a temporary state of things.For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

  3. mambo says:

    Pastor, stick to the sermons on Sundays and smell the coffee during the week……….

  4. mambo says:

    Because Sunday is the day of rest.

    • Pastor says:

      Wake up my son and open your eyes. Please confess for you sins to Him. You can lie to me, you can lie to your self, you can lie to your brothers and sisters, but YOU CAN’T LIE TO HIM. God bless you my son.

  5. Chivulamapoti says:

    Vince, well said but quite premature. Nothing, yes, nothing will occur in Zimbabwe until it is cured of the ZANU-PF/Mugarbage cancer. Pastor can sermonize all he wants, but we have a He and She Devil in State House. Until these thugs, these un-Christian sond of Satan that bulldoze down a poor man’s home, are cauterized, Zimbabwe cannot reach it’s mind-boggling potential.
    Zimbabwe has enough room for all who call it home or want to call it home, but Mugarbage only wants black “liberators”, who espouse ZANU-PF filthy politics.
    No competition, no new ideas and no Pastor to exorcise the Devils in State House either.
    Ask Shebahd and Fungi what they think about their brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, they consider them traitors, turn-coats and non-citizens.
    “Cry, My Beloved Country”.

  6. Lizi Nkala says:

    Haiwa, tibvirwe apa. Ukaona zvinyorwa zvinofarirwa nevapambepfumi uzive kuti madzanambwanana ega.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      you are a fool. Vambambepfumimi vechichena vaive better than this cruel black regime. Uri imbwa yemunhu

      • Lizi Nkala says:

        Nesbert Majoni, asi baba vako vaive mujoni kani? Ndimi vanhu vaitengesa nguva yehudzwanyiriri imi.
        Hakuna hurumende yakanaka seye Zanu Pf pasi rino rose. Ngavabvise ma Sanctions muone. Kuisa ma Sanctions kutya kuti manakiro ehurumende yedu yeZimbabwe angatekeshere ne Africa yose. Majoni kana uchiti varungu vakanaka enda kwavanogara kuEurope. Iwe Majoni nekuda kwako kunanzwa kumashure kwevarungu buda munyika medu, futi unenge NGOCHANI, otherwise why would you prefer this abominable people 99% of whom are homosexuals? Uri NGOCHANI Nesbert Majoni, Ngochani yemunhu.

        • Angel says:

          The once beautiful country has been made a hell hole.A Great Rhodesian nation was built by patriotic people by the Zanu PF sell-outs have built a Zimbabwe Ruins.

      • CDE says:

        It was better in Egypt where we were slaves….. so said the Israelites some 3400 years ago when God was taking them to freedom in Cannan.

        In other words never mind these current temporary difficulties

  7. Shebah says:

    Musewe, you live in dream land woke up

  8. Shebah says:

    Lizi, I am off for the week end I leave you to tell them like it is. This Chivulamapoti is a loosing white farmer or son of one with a broken shona name. Like they used to say Gwelo instead of Gweru. We are now staying in their former farm houses making huge bucks from tobacco. They still think Obama will spring a surprise to their favour like the Liybian style.

  9. Mthwakazi says:

    Vince, please be realistic. Zimbabwe’s problem is not race; our problem as a nation is tribal, not racial. Its just that many love to pretend otherwise. You dont have to look very far, just check the comments made against Welshman Ncube’s foray into politicalmleadership in Zimbabwe – they are rarely about what he stands for, the issues but where he comes from and his language. The same could be said about Dabengwa. No other politician in Zimbabwe is criticised on the same basis.


    “We must invest a new narrative, a new paradigm so that out of our bosom may be born a new beginning where all Zimbabweans regardless of race can live up to their full potential”.

  10. Dave Van Rensburg says:

    Very Inspirational, thanks Vince!

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