French Ambassador hails Zanu govt

By | July 7, 2014

via French Ambassador hails Zanu govt | The Zimbabwean 7 July 2014 by Clayton Masekesa

The French Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Laurent Delahousse, has praised President Robert Mugabe, saying his government had shown positive signals since it came into power last year.

In an interview on the sidelines of the handover of an automated weather station at the Mutare Fire Brigade today, Delahousse praised Mugabe for making Zimbabwe a safe destination.

For more than 10 years, Zimbabwe has been considered a pariah State due to violence, human rights abuses and poor governance.

“We want to come back to Zimbabwe. We are happy that President Robert Mugabe has tried to initiate a safe and sustainable environment for the investors. That is precisely what the government of Zimbabwe is doing at the moment,” he said.

He said French companies were willing to invest in Zimbabwe.

“We are happy with these signals since the last election, since the inception of the government. We want to help. We want to invest for the duration, for the future,” said Delahousse, adding that his country would fully engage with the Mugabe government by year end.

“The government of Zimbabwe and the government of France are doing something. We are re-uniting our forces and we have been supportive since independence,” Delahousse said.

Mugabe has of late encouraged the international community to direct funding to government instead of non-State agencies as has been the case.

Zimbabwe has been failing for years to access direct funds from the EU and the West owing to strained relations.

31 thoughts on “French Ambassador hails Zanu govt

  1. Jimbo

    The french ambassador clearly has no idea how the Zimbabwean masses are suffering under mad Bob and the Zanu PF Gang. This is a disgraceful comment from the french ambassador and he is clearly entrenched in his diplomatic immune Harare mansion with absolutely no idea of how the average Zimbabwean is suffering under ZAnu PF. This is completely disgraceful comment and ambassador Laurent should hang his head in shame. He clearly has has no idea of the suffering of the average Zimbabwean who is starving with no where to turn to as the French think that Zimbabwe is all good!
    What an absolute joke!
    Go back to France you clown! And take Mugabe with you! You will not be missed!

    1. Wilbert Mukori

      Unless the Ambassador is deaf, blind and stupid; I do not believe he is any of those things; then he must know how much the Zimbabwean people are suffering. Does he care? No, of course, he does not care!

  2. Jimbo

    Ambassador, please get the French to invest in Zimboland where they will take 51% of your investment without paying for it! I what a joke! If this french ambassador is for real he should be extradited to the french Congo where he can live happily ever after!

  3. Roving Ambassador

    the French have always been propping up the regime since time immemorial. This has been mainly to spite the British and also take control of Africa for their on interest. If you need more insight,read more on the French company Elf which they had to close down because of its corrupt activities with African leaders. There is a documentary on this.
    This will really open your eyes on why we went into the Congo to fight a war which on the surface had nothing to do with us.
    One of the French company ,Thylus( forgot the spelling but formally Thompson) was rumoured to have provided the regime with spying equipment. They also donated TVs to the army as a gesture of good will.
    So fellow Zimbabwean s do not be surprised with this French rhetoric.

  4. supermondo

    the french made friends with hitler and were granted control of Vichy france.then hitler tokk the whole of business with zanu and you will pay dearly.

  5. John Thomas

    This is an insult. I hope Zimbabweans will remember how to treat the French after the ZANU pigs have been disposed.

  6. blackhammer

    China, the USA, France, the UK, Russia or even South Africa have no friends but INTERESTS. We forget this fact at our own peril. Diplomatic protocol dictates that heads of states invite and greet each on visits. But who would have thought that an avowed Marxist leader would kneel down and accept a knighthood from the Queen, head of the former colonial power in 1994? This was 14 years after independence and the reason for going to war, land, was put on the back burner. The British knew that our revolutionary leader had slaughtered thousands of his countrymen a decade earlier but he was protecting their INTERESTS so they kept stumme. That is why he and the missus shopped at Harrods in London, Paris, Milan and New York with a red carpet each time they landed. So, he got a knighthood and the “intelligent” supporters applauded. When the electors were getting nervous with direction the country was going it became a land issue and the knighthood was withdrawn. Watch the “intelligent” supporters applaud again when he declared, ” I don’t care”. Nobody bothered to ask why he had accepted it in the first place? Mugabe is a genius, evil genius! He then come up with “Look East Policy” and the supporters, sorry “intelligent” supporters applauded again. The Chinese had provided arms to Zanla forces during the war but the first 20 years of independence they were simply ignored when wine and the goodies were flowing in London. In the late eighties I was invited to a party by one of Zimbabwe minister’s son in Chelsea. He was 18 then and finishing his A levels but the father had just bought him a two bed roomed flat for , wait for it, £2.5 million. 1980’s prices! I knew then our problems had started.

    I am not a big fan of Morgan Tsvangirai but Zimbabweans should give him just a little bit of credit. The man might be a “dim wit” according to his enemies. but has not set a foot wrong although Zanu has tried to pin everything they can master at him. They have miserably failed even with their own biased judges. There is always an element of truth with any form of propaganda especially if it is repeated time and again. Zanu has always set the rules of engagement at elections and he has always kicked their arses! 99% of the “intelligent”Zanu supporters cannot name one single thing Tsvangirai has done wrong. Any discussion with them ends up in a slogan. People do not survive on slogans! After years of having it all Mugabe has become complacent like Mabutu, Banda or even our recently dearly departed from Libya. Chisinga pere chino shura. ( everything comes to an end). We have had the same cabinet ministers since independence and they think they are indispensable to the country. So how can we laugh or mock South Africa who have now had 3 presidents since the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as president in 1994. You guessed right, Mugabe was receiving his knighthood from the Queen almost on the day in 1994. Shame! We are jokers and lions led by donkeys. Here is a teaser. If Malema belonged to Zanu, would he still be walking the streets of Harare or Bulawayo today after his behaviour? Come on, be honest! By now we would be saying , “the late”, especially with people like Jonathan Moyo who ooze verbal diarrhoea yet most of the cabinet including the President never lifted a gun during the war. They only sent someone’s son or daughter to the front. Today they rush to scoop the cream at the top. Man we Got a Problem!

    Simon M Tozvireva Chete.

    1. Wilbert Mukori

      @ Blackhammer

      I agreed with everything you said until you talked on Tsvangirai has not set a foot wrong!

      If the idiot had implemented the democratic reforms, he had five years to do it but failed to have even one reform implemented, then the nation would not be in this mess! The reforms were our “get out of jail” card and the idiot failed to use it. How can you then say he did nothing wrong?

      It is disappointing that so many Zimbabwe still fail to get their heads round the importance of the reforms even now with the benefit of hindsight. If people cannot understand this grade one stuff how will they ever understand the more complex stuff!? It is no wonder the nation is in such a mess but worse still is hopeless stuck!

      Blackhammer! I would say be careful how you wield it, given you shallow understanding, you are likely to smash yourself and those near you by doing something stupid like voting for a breathtakingly incompetent idiot like Tsvangirai AGAIN!

  7. Justice

    Disgusting and incredibly disappointing from EU and France, what is going on? Clearly no morals just after the minerals.

  8. carl

    Dis-grace-ful. Some of us have not forgotten that the first corrupt deal after Indepedence was with a French company – they see all of Africa like the way they deal with their ex-colonies in West Africa.

  9. Zvarwadza

    You all missing the point the automated weather station if it is the state of art from Campbell Scientific costs US4975.00 and thats is how much support the French are willing to assist ZPF’s ZimAsset mumbo jumbo. Cant blame the French Ambassador’s diplomacy and thats is exactly what he is saying to ZPF “Go to hell”

  10. Doctor do little

    Sorry @Zvarwadza but I dis agree. Look at their record in their former colonies. Watch the film Hotel Rwanda which was based on a true story then you will know something about the French. They knew a Massacre was about to happen and they walked out on people surround by killers and did not even look back when people were hacked to death. One might argue that they were under UN orders but if you see their involvement.

    “The role of France in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 has been a source of controversy and debate both within and beyond France and Rwanda. France actively supported the Hutu-led government of Juvénal Habyarimana against the Tutsi-dominated Rwandan Patriotic Front, which since 1990 had been engaged in a conflict intended to restore the rights of Rwandan Tutsis both within Rwanda and exiled in neighboring countries following over four decades of anti-Tutsi violence. France provided arms and military training to Habyarimana’s youth militias, the Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi, which were among the government’s primary means of operationalizing the genocide following the assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira on April 6, 1994.

    Once the Hutu government launched the genocide against the Tutsi and moderate Hutu populace. Near the end of the 100 day genocide, French troops were deployed to establish the Turquoise Zone, ostensibly to protect the populace. In practice, the zone enabled many genocidal Hutus to safely escape to Zaire in advance of the victorious RPF soldiers.” Read the role of the French in Rwanda during the Genocide.

  11. Daniel

    What do we expect from the french.There record in Africa speaks for itself.


    Looking at the erstwhile and current MDC circus I think the EU feel that they cannot keep supporting some confused lunatics and support for the status quo seems reasonable to us Zimbabweans< De-Escalation at some point was always inevitable…and the time is now. This is good for the people of Zimbabwe. MDC has already proved its capacity to harm its self as seen by its on-going multiple fission. We feel that whether ZANU PF is wrong or what we need to go forward as a nation. MDC is also wrong as a party just like ZANU PF, so at the end of the day we must learn to accept each other's mistakes and work for the people of Zimbabwe. We hail the EU's attitude of maturely trying to defuse a perennially bad situation….At least we need to be doing something….not wishing things could get worse so that you can get to power when people are disgruntled enmasse. That is an inconsiderate policy for the opposition since it makes them equally culpable for the people's suffering. With the MNC debacle we need to start our multi-party democracy with branf new players ….not these MDC confusionists who have misguided the people only to ditch them and unfurl their power hunger. Their interests are not with the people of Zimbabwe…but with power.

  13. Cde Chooks

    It’s difficult to build a revolutionary fire on the dying embers of decades-old atrocities. People forget. Memories fade. So, let them come and let them re-engage. Let them experience a new set of atrocities and let us watch gleefully as the revolutionary flame grows higher and burns brighter with each new atrocity. Change does not just happen. It must be provoked.

  14. Wilbert Mukori

    Mugabe has never had a “road to Damascus” moment to make anyone believe he now believes in and value justice and rule of law. There is no doubt that the French government has not been so easily bamboozled into believing that he has. It is out of economic consideration pure and simple that French are reaching out to embrace the tyrant.
    France wants a piece of the action in Zimbabwe’s diamond industry and has put the issues of human right and good governance to one side.
    After Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections, thanks to the incompetence of MDC who failed to implement the reforms, we in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats have vowed to bring democratic change in Zimbabwe and end this the tragic human misery this Zanu PF dictatorship has brought to the nation. We intend to deliver the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country to all Zimbabweans as a matter of cause regardless of the French government’s attempts to prop up this Zanu PF tyrannical regime.
    We call upon the French government to reconsider its policy to re-engagement this Mugabe dictatorship and partner those fighting for justice, human dignity and meaningful democratic change in Zimbabwe.

      1. Wilbert Mukori

        If the reforms had been implemented then Mugabe would have been forced to respect the rule of law, that is why he would have resisted the reforms. In the end he did not even need to resist anything because MDC never table any reforms!

  15. Petal

    Perhaps Disgrace will be has served the Ambassador Frog legs a delicacy in France

  16. Petal

    on a serious note is anyone speaking to the Laurent besides the buffoons??

    1. Wilbert Mukori

      I am sure he will read some of these comments but there is nothing wrong with sending him a email to make sure that he knows how you feel. I for one has done just that!

  17. Doctor do little

    Wilbert Mukori I respect what you trying to do. I also respect your opinions. I obviously will not tell you how to run your political agenda but everybody no matter how (mentally challenge others may think of the everybody) knows that Robert Mugabe, whether pressurized or not refused to give up power in 2008. I cannot predict what would have happened when he complied. Risking your wrath I will say that calling people Idiots will not help your cause.

    Blackhammer! I would say be careful how you wield it, given you shallow understanding.

    Sorry man I will continue to read your contributions but that is a low blow on a prospective supporter of your cause. How you can call someone shallow is beneath me. This is what Zanu would do.

    This will always be my best quote from a man I admired to his death.
    A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus emerge stronger. You don’t have that idea when you are arrogant, superficial, and uninformed.
    Nelson Mandela

    To blackhammer Sir you showed some arrogance.


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