SA permits: Zim seeks Pretoria meeting

By | June 22, 2014

via SA permits: Zim seeks Pretoria meeting 21 June 2014 by South Africa Correspondent

THE Zimbabwean government is keen to meet the South African authorities to discuss the possible renewal of permits introduced on foreigners in 2010 by President Jacob Zuma’s administration.

Zimbabwe’s acting ambassador to South Africa, Samuel Mhango, confirmed a meeting was pending between South African Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and Zimbabwe’s Kembo Mohadi on a date yet to be scheduled.

”We requested a meeting with the South African government and they are processing that and will come back to us with a date,” Mhango confirmed to

“I cannot tell you our position as the Zimbabwean government because we do not discuss such matters in the press.

“We will discuss critical issues involving permits, new regulations and issues affecting Zimbabweans. We want to come out with a solution which is best for Zimbabwe and South Africa.”

South Africa is home to over a million Zimbabweans, the majority of them economic refugees. Of the population, a modest 250 000 Zimbabweans queued up to obtain the permits 2010.

But anxiety is mounting among Zimbabweans living across the Limpopo who are keen to see the documents revalidated.

Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa, Ngqabutho Mabhena told they have since met Mhango to vent their concerns.

“We met the acting ambassador and presented out position. We proposed that the South African government renew the Zimbabwean permits for one or two more years,” he said.

“We also proposed that we renew the permits while in South Africa instead of Zimbabwe to protect our jobs.”

Mabhena this month also met tripartite partners in the South African government to push for the renewal of the permits.

These include the ruling African National Congress, Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and South African Communist Party (SACP).

Mabhena said the tripartite partners are now consulting with their organisations about their proposals.

14 thoughts on “SA permits: Zim seeks Pretoria meeting

  1. zanupf fear me

    Zanupf is shyte scared that a million zimbos might return to mugabeland as it is certain death for zanupf. The running down of our economy was part of a plan to get rid of any opposition by forcing them into diaspora knowing that their for ex remittances would permit zanupf to continue looting

  2. gandanga

    This meeting is in fact to dig a grave for all Zimboz in SA. Mugabe want you all back home to build our country. Just a warning from me, Kembo will be coming to drive the final nail on your coffin. Truth is that Kembo is coming loaded with accusations to the Government of SA for stealing the Zimbabwe much needed skills. Mugabe always uses every opportunity to find a scapegoat for his failures and the failures of his government. Hi latest song that he is singing now is that SA’s economy is prospering because of the Zimbabweans at the expense of Zimbabwe

  3. Chanisa

    I would tend to lean towards Zanu Fear Me. The regime cannot countenance a mass unwinding of the diaspora. That would undo the successful Ruralization of urban Zimbabwe which has served it so well.

  4. Bazur Wa KuMuzi

    I wonder what Mohadi will say. According to Zanupf the SA government must empower its people like Zanupf. If millions run away from economic empowerment like the millions of Zambabweans that is not important. Dont talk about it or else You get arrested for keeping ammunition or for having said something insulting the president or for plotting to militarily overthrow the government with the help of the likes of Dzinashe Machingura. So apart from simply asking the South African government to load the Zimbabweans into buses, trains or scotch carts there is nothing that a Zimbabwean representative can reasonably ask for.Zimbabwe’s economic policies are the best. They have empowered their people economically. These are the words of President Robert Mugabe after his resounding victory. Why will Mohadi persuade the SA government to renew contracts for Zimbos really? That these Zimbos sustain an anti black empowerment economy leaving their own? Drama after drama!

  5. gorongoza

    Pretoria must be steadfast on its laws. Zim is very cruel to foreigners. They send them to cruel Chikurubi for overstaying yet they want favours from other countries. Pasi nepolitics of entitlement!

  6. gorongoza

    This only applies to Zimbabweans who got baccossi permits n 2008, not all Zimbabweans.

  7. Petal

    One asks if these useless organisations like SADC are even bothered to discuss the issue ads this involves ordinary citizens – they are just like Bob dont give a stuff about the ordinary citizens

  8. Petal

    Can anyone tell us what the SADC discuss in their meetings? Bet 100% Bob is going to use his stage in August to attack people

  9. Bazur Wa KuMuzi

    I know what happens at SADC meetings. Each President tells others how he hangs on to power. He then asks others to support him. Its the naive ANC who seem to be the most confused trying to be democratic allowing even lunatics to persistently insult their president with the support of the so called “comrades of the liberation struggle”. Then after that its drinks, food, women and men after which corruption deals of looting natural resources or linking each other with international mafias. I can imagine how DRC, Namibians and most of all ANC attentively listen to Zanupf leader Robert Mugabe as he lectures to them on Strategies to Preserve Power.This should be one of the very sober moments of the summit of each SADC grouping.

  10. joel

    I like the part where mabhena says to protect our jobs ,really i mean south africa is currently sitting at more than 26% unemployment and more than 36% youth unemployment and zimbabweans are talking about protecting their jobs here in Mzansi.

  11. joel

    On the last election we voted ANC on conditions that it creates jobs for us citizens and we have zimbabweans who want to tell our government that we voted for to protect their jobs while we dont have jobs as voters, that Mabhena guy must be crazy.

  12. joel

    If south african government will give these special permission it might as well give it to everyone entering the shores of south africa.


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