White farmers in Mash west given May deadline

via White farmers in Mash west given May deadline | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda  January 20, 2014

The ZANU PF provincial leadership in Mashonaland West is reported to have given an ultimatum to white commercial farmers “operating illegally” by leasing land from black farmers. They have been told to end their lease arrangements and shut down by May 15th.

According to the state-run Herald newspaper, the ultimatum was issued to 50 white farmers at a meeting with ZANU-PF’s provincial leaders, which took place in Chinhoyi last Friday. Black farmers leasing out their land illegally also stand to lose their allocations.

The Herald said the ultimatum applies to white farmers “operating illegally on land acquired by the State for resettlement purposes” in Mashonaland West province.

The May 15th deadline was reportedly decided on at an earlier meeting Thursday, attended by ZANU PF provincial leaders only, and chaired by Faber Chidarikire, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs. That date is said to have been picked to allow the white farmers time to harvest their current crop, the Herald said.

But John Worsley-Worswick of Justice for Agriculture (JAG) described the development as a political move by ZANU PF to remove all white farmers still operating in Mashonaland West province, which the party views as their last political stronghold.

“Mashonaland West has always been a hot spot and one of the ZANU PF strongholds in terms of farming areas. White farmers who were kicked off have entered into arrangements with black farmers who have not been able to make a success of their properties. This has been a real thorn in the side of ZANU PF,” Worswick said.

He added that ZANU PF provincial chefs are also grabbing properties with some urgency, given that very few properties are left and succession battles within the party are intensifying. They see the province as the last frontier for looting.

“It’s a combination of the election last year that gave them total control and enables them to do it. They are also trying to get the farmers to get off this way, rather than by way of jambanja, which attracts bad publicity and they can no longer afford to pay thugs to take the farms,” Worswick explained.

According to The Herald, Vice chairman of the provincial lands committee Temba Mliswa said, “some white farmers have been recommended to stay by the communities they operate in”.

But Worswick saw this differently. He said resettled farmers with no farming expertise and who have done nothing with the land allocated to them, have been negotiating lease agreements with white commercial farmers who use the land profitably. The black farmers do not want these arrangements terminated.


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43 comments on “White farmers in Mash west given May deadline
  1. The foot gets shot at again.

  2. Chirau says:

    Would May 15th be after the crops they have grown have been reaped?

    • Mena Bona says:

      Absolutely why that date has been given by these thieving barstards. 150.000 tons of maize to be imported from SA to feed Zimbabweans this year and still they stop productive farmers. The Zambians won’t send maize again, grown by Zimbabwean Citizens that had their farms stolen, because the ZANU PF government cannot pay for it. They are like a cancer on that once! ” Bread Basket Country ” common thief’s nothing more, nothing less. When SA refuses to send maize, next year because of non payment, ZANU PF will then tell the poor suffering Zimbabweans that they will have to learn to eat rice. The Chinese will give them the rice for free because, after all, ZANU PF are giving them the country to retain power. Stupid, criminal scumbags. They will face justice, be it in this world or the next. Something for them to ponder.

  3. Aron Sibanda says:

    Why kick them off the farms, we can’t do anything like them, we just ruined all the farms. Why not give more whites land as long as they grow only maize and stop depending on the food from Zambia which is grown by the white farmers we kicked off. what’s the difference???

    • Umwrong says:

      Not all of the farms have been lain to waste, but some people who have been allocated farms are signing lease agreements with previous commercial farmers who do have the expertise to make a profit from the land and, in turn, help the leaseholder to make a profit as well. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, it seems.

      The actions taken by ZPF indicate that people do not truly own their own land to do with it as they choose. It’s only a mirage.

  4. Johann says:

    Clearly racist.

    • hutu says:

      It is good that we agree on these matters and it is good that we see that this is no longer a land grab but systematic looting.Would May 15th be after the crops they have grown have been reaped? Chirau you have hit the nail on the head. What can we mere mortals do about it? Continue to do what you do. Expose these clowns. They are headed for a big fall and believe me when I say that this is around the corner. Like they infiltrated other political parties we have infiltrated them. We have people deep in that is why we always know what they do. Keep the faith all shall be revealed soon.


  5. gandanga says:

    Can ZANU ever learn a single technique to make Zimbabwe a better place? Taneta nembwa dzeZANU! Nothing to ease the plight of the masses!

  6. ttaps3 says:

    These farmers are leasing from non -productive black farmers (offer letter holderts). If one cannot enter into business arrangements with the land — why bother forcing banks to recognize 100 year leases for funding purposes. What business deals are allowed over the land– this is a the point to start all arguments. These farmers do not own the land, they are leasing and making this land productive. they are only renting land which would lie farrow– what is wrong with renting. The black farmer gains rent– chasing them away leads to zero gain for everybody.

    • Umwrong says:

      This is absolutely true. The holders of non-transferable 99-year leases are doing what they can to make their new holdings profitable. Zanu-PF is blocking these attempts.

  7. Richard says:

    Oh yes, Zanu PF is at it again! Give the farmers time to grow the crops then kick them out and harvest the crop. How low can you get…this is getting very embarrasing now. Always have to reap where they did not sow! How is this going to solve our teething economic problems?

  8. DL says:

    ttaps3, you are absolutely right! ZANU-PF is being insincere when they try to force the banks to lend money to failing farmers who in turn, cannot make decisions about how to run their own businesses because ZANU-PF insists on telling them how to operate.

    So the bankers are right! 99 year leases cannot be traded or passed on from one party to another. If so, how is the bank to recover it’s customer’s money after a farmer fails to repay his bank loan because ZANU-PF will not allow him to sub-let his property?

    Here’s a hypothetical situation: a resettled farmer, married but with no children, builds a prosperous business and holds a 99 year lease, but after only 30 years he dies, leaving everything to his wife. He’s only paid off half of his debts to the bank. She’s too old and does not understand how to run a farm, but she’s accustomed to living in her own home on her own land. Is she not allowed to lease her farm to another farmer, white or black? Must she forfeit all of her husband’s hard work, just because she does not know how to farm?

    It’s racism for sure. There’s no other word for it! It’s also financial suicide for the country. Say goodbye to FDI for many, many years.

  9. DW says:

    Yes its racist but it is also incredibly dumb, who will provide food? Oh thats right the hated West will bring it in through the UN!What an absolute embarrassment ZANU(PF)is, why do people put up with them?

  10. Rukweza says:

    Thats why i always tell people that no land was given to black people in zimbabwe instead you hear them boosting that zim is the only country to have given land to it’s people yet you can’t make key decisions own your own without informing the ruling party

  11. Nzou says:

    So here we have it. White farmers farming on stolen land.

    As the saying goes, when you get into bed with the devil, expect to be screwed.

    It also proves another point. Zanu PF does not want food security. They want the nation perpetually on the point of starvation and poverty.

    These conditions provide a perfect platform to control the masses, especially when the masses have no decent leadership to speak of.

    Let’s hope soon that we see a “Mandela” arise soon to lead us out of Egypt.

    • Umwrong says:

      That’s unfortunately the truth, as well. But, if you know much about Zimbabweans on the ground, you know that they have a tendency to make the best of a bad situation, which is what I believe happened. Not every person who obtained land was a criminal. The ones engaged in these agreements are just trying to make it the best way they can: by helping each other.

    • machakachaka says:

      Mandela? Did Mandela lead anyone to prosperity, or he simply walked out of jail and helped maintain the status quo? Go to RSA and see if the majority of SA blacks have been lead out of Egypt.

      • Mpunzi says:

        Ask any of the 4 million Zimbabweans forced to leave their homeland and move to South Africa because of Zanu’s destruction imbabwe. They think South Africa is their Egypt as do all other refugees who have fled dictatorships across Africa.

  12. Doris says:

    Don’t understand. Have the original Title Deeds been nullified? If so, how did ZANU PF do that? Then put 99 year leases in their place? No wonder the banks are jibbing. One day they may be accused of dealing with stolen property/goods.

  13. Mena Bona says:

    Absolutely why that date has been given by these thieving barstards. 150.000 tons of maize to be imported from SA to feed Zimbabweans this year and still they stop productive farmers. The Zambians won’t send maize again, grown by Zimbabwean Citizens that had their farms stolen, because the ZANU PF government cannot pay for it. They are like a cancer on that once! ” Bread Basket Country ” common thief’s nothing more, nothing less. When SA refuses to send maize, next year because of non payment, ZANU PF will then tell the poor suffering Zimbabweans that they will have to learn to eat rice. The Chinese will give them the rice for free because, after all, ZANU PF are giving them the country to retain power. Stupid, criminal scumbags. They will face justice, be it in this world or the next. Something for them to ponder.

  14. grace says:

    Lets remove the words “WHITE” and “BLACK” from this story.
    1. In Zimbabwe Is it illegal to for a person to lease out land from a land owner for the purpose of farming?
    2. Now if leasing land is illegal, who should be given an ultimatum in this case, is it the landlord or the tenant?

    Food for thought…..

  15. Ruramai says:

    A group of thugs who think giving deadlines translates into running a country! Platinum mining companies were given a deadline to build refineries; companies on when to indeginise….and so on and so forth.

    These idiots say an offer letter entitles one to own a piece of land. They are blissfully unaware that farming is a business and therefore in order to actually make it work one either has to have the capital and knowhow or scout for partners who can bring in those resources and skills.

    So, if you cannot choose who to do business with, how can you be deemed the owner? Racist ignoramuses trying to score points with the rabid racist called Robert Mugabe.

    • Mpunzi says:

      The reason for the urgency is that Mugabe wants all whites out of business and out of the country before he dies. It’s not about economics. It’s all about ethnic cleansing. If the economy collapses, it is not seen as a problem because Zanu PF chefs have wonderful revenue from royalties and back handers. They will survive. They have already stated that they only want half the population. The rest can leave or die of starvation or cholera.

      They are emulating North Korea and will reach their destination soon. So the real world says that if you don’t like it, go somewhere into the bush and die, leave the country permanently or stand up and fight for liberation. There are no other options. MDC-T has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that you cannot liberate the country with bad leadership that by its own behaviour perpetuated the dictatorship.

      A new breed of leader is needed for the next phase. I predict that it will come from the diaspora lead by a person who understands democracy and will put it into action to the point that Zimbabwe is made ungovernable and Zanu’s Generals will force their political leadership that it’s over!!

  16. NBS says:

    Nothing ZPF do any more makes sense to me. It is as though they want to deliberately destroy this nation and don’t realise in that doing so they are destroying themselves. I know it is not perfect and much has to be sorted re: the land issue but why not let ex commercial farmers and ‘new farmers’ make agreements between themselves. The country is desperate for food security and our economy is hurtling down a cliff. The government must de-politicise the agro industry and let all stake holders sort out a working and fair solution. In these agreements between old and new farmers, the new settlers gain, the farmer gains, people get employed and the nation gains from the output. Truly, is there no one in ZPF with an ounce of common sense? The stupidity and destruction of this whole matter just blows me away as it causes untold suffering on an entire nation. “pride before a fall.” May the Lord have mercy on Zimbabwe and intervene divinely: not because we deserve anything as we are a disgracefully sinful nation but only out of His grace and mercy and for His namesake. Please Lord! Pray, Zimbabwe, pray. Our heartbroken repentance and Godly sorrow will begin to move God’s hand.

  17. NBS says:

    @hutu Your comments are profoundly interesting and you whet our appetites!

  18. Mixed Race says:

    I am against the use of racially based words but I have no choice in this issue.Why are these white sellouts doing this silly move when they were ruthlessly kicked out of their lands? You deserve what you are getting because you have not learnt any thing from the past, you naive exploiters.In this article facts are not well laid down, therefore there is room for propaganda from either side.I would never go into secret agreement with the person who cruelly took my life savings without compensation.

    • Umwrong says:

      Try and keep a level head, Mr. Mixed Race. You always proffer sound logic, so don’t be given unto harsh words and ad hominem tactics. That’s the providence of the ruling party. Not all recipients or beneficiaries of the land reform process were or are bad people. While individual cases may vary, this is likely a scenario where meetings were held to determine the most mutually beneficial scenario for both parties. I don’t necessarily believe that there is something sinister behind contracting labour, even if it is from white farmers.


      Desperation to make a living?

  19. NBS says:

    @mixed-race. You do have a point and I have questioned this many times but people from all walks of lives are doing desperate things to make a living and put kids through schools and more. In a sense we should all give ZPF the middle finger and say get on with it but it is not as simple as that. It is easy to call each other sell outs. But this bitterness only takes our nation down further. Do we have a leader in this nation??? Someone who will get up and do something. God has His own way to work things out. I too have criticised in the past but we need to see further that what we see. Maybe we should all just bring the nation to a standstill. Sit down like Ghandi led his people to do and go no further till ZPF begins to come to the party. I don’t know but surely God does!

  20. DubboZimbo says:

    Ha ha ha well the white farmers in Zambia will plant a bit more next season to feed you idiots, hope they charge ZANU top dollar for every bag of maize. The short sighteness would be funny if people were not starving.

  21. bigie says:

    We can not expect one man to save Zimbabwe, its up to all Zimbabeans to come together and force change…!!! And the only way to do this is through mass protest, but people will die. And we as Zimabaeans are not willing to pay that ultimate sacrifice just yet..

  22. Nyoni says:

    Zanu has shown its position forever on how it treats others. Zanu we will never forget how you have treated us all. Very badly and shamefully. Zanu is a disgrace to Zimbabwe.

  23. DubboZimbo people like you are the reason why there is this chaos. You go out of your way to call black people Idiots. You are the Idiot. If people like you had recognized that blacks were also human and to be treated fairly this monster might not have been created .You should call yourself DUMBZIMBO.

    • Umwrong says:

      I read his comment. At no point did he say that black people were idiots. The obvious recipients of his insult were Zanu-PF members who have taken their misstep in logic to a new level. I figured that would be obvious. No need for name-calling.

  24. NBS says:

    Oh wow. We have disintegrated into name calling again. If only we could discuss these things in a fair and just manner. We are all just playing into ZPF’s hands. divided we fall;;;;have fallen?

  25. NBS says:

    Yes! I expect so. it is hard to sometime stay cool in this boiling point climate. It’s ok. The old lid comes off sometimes.

  26. Rukweza says:

    If whites are not wanted why not nullify their citizenship

  27. Mixed Race says:

    Comments on advice well noted guys and ladies.Thanks

  28. gutu says:

    Does zanu also resettle landless whites? Chidarikire is a perennial failure but he keeps popping up time and again to spoil things. If i get a piece of land and decide to lease it,is that not my right to do whT I want with it? If that leasee can use better than me why not? He destroyed the once vibrant town of Chinhoyi because he is greedy and corrupt like his friends in zanu. Let those who are willing to produce for the country do so regardless of their colour!

  29. Angela Wigmore says:

    @Rukweza: Most of us, even though born in Zimbabwe(or Rhodesia) have apparently already lost our citizenship.


      Yes, tried to renew my Zim Passport, have been turned down twice, one reason being my late mother was born in Nkana, Zambia and I have given up trying to renounce claim to Zambian Citizenship as they say I never had any legitimate claim to Zambian Citizenship in the first place as my Mother lost her Zambian Citizenship when she left Zambia before I was even born!

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