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via Deadline for farmers | The Herald January 20, 2014

WHITE commercial farmers operating illegally on land acquired by the State for resettlement purposes in Mashonaland West province through ad-hoc lease agreements with resettled farmers have been given until May 15 to wind up operations.

This is when they are expected to have finished harvesting their crops that are still in the fields.
Farmers leasing out land outside provisions of the law will not be spared as they stand to lose their allocations.

The ultimatum was issued at a meeting between Zanu-PF’s provincial leadership and 50 white farmers in Chinhoyi on Friday.
This followed another meeting on Thursday of the provincial lands committee in Chinhoyi where a decision was made to give the farmers time to harvest their crops.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Mashonaland West and chairman of the provincial lands committee Faber Chidarikire, said the decision was arrived at after considering submissions from the farmers.

Vice chairman of the provincial lands committee Temba Mliswa, said some white farmers have been recommended to stay by the communities they operate in.

Others will be considered for future allocations.



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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    tsuro magena 8 years ago

    The Zimbabwe Land Disaster Programme continues, engineered by non other than our “liberators”, in the name of settling landless blacks, as their greediness grip the nation.

    We were told that land distribution was to be completed in August 2006.

    Note its a Zanu land distribution programme. The decisions are made at the ZANU offices.

    End of the year will be importing the same maize from the same guy whom we would have thrown out of the farm after putting Cde Chibhangu who has another farm in Chinhoyi including another which he engineered for his 28 year nephew.

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    Why is the ZANU-PF provincial leadership issuing ultimatums to anyone? They are not the government! The government is of the people.

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    CLIVE SUTHERLAND 8 years ago

    To avoid future confusion why does Zanupf not just come out with it and make a new law that simply states that if you are white you are banned from farming in Zimbabwe period, make farming a 100% indigenous only operation! It will be a win-win situation, no more white farmers to evict and the new indigenous farmers can then operate unhampered with the full support of Zanupf.
    After all they are expert farmers!

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      That is what the indigenisation law actually says. Along with a list of occupations white Zimbabweans may not carry out it quite clearly says farming.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 8 years ago

    Farming: Net vir nie-blankes – remember apartheid?

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    Stingray 8 years ago

    In uganda amin chased away indians,mobuto seseko french business people , bokassa chinese business people and all these were dictators . So this is nothing new

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    Mpunzi 8 years ago

    I agree, you cannot have your cake and eat it. As Zanupf, we do not need or want food security. Let the starving eat cake.

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    I think it is time they expanded the indigenisation law to tourists . No more fu#@$%^n white tourists in zimbabwe .

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    And so we actually have a racially/tribally/politically affiliated skewed constitution. The farmers in that Zanu PF meeting were forced to raise their fists and chant ZPF slogans. They were told it was a ZPF meeting and that anyone who is not ZPF had to get out. They were told to go and join ZPF. Fear and oppression!!! And our dear brother Murimi questioned Museve’s article on fear??? In a sense I agree with Clive Sutherland. You know for 40 years I have paid all my dues to this nation in taxes etc, I have loved and stood with my downtrodden and oppressed Zimbabwean brothers and sisters and I believe in this nation; love it and add to it. Unlike most in ZPF who have sucked this nation dry. We will not let the darkness that has spread its tentacles over our nation succeed. With God’s help we will go forward and the forces of evil will be overcome. Just an aside: Why are ZPF hysterical about a handful of whites. What do they make up percentage wise?

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    Jogo Bonita 8 years ago

    Why wait till may macomrades.since their crops are almost ready for harvesting lets re-invade those farms and chase them away then we harvest the crop.WISE idea isnt it macomrades?

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    Half brain, half solution. Before anyone addresses a problem, one ought to fully grasp the nitty gritty of the problem. Who is leasing land out? – ZANUPF cadre. Who is farming the land? – White boy. What must we do with the land? – farm the land to produce more crops. Is the ZANUPF cadre farming the land he was given for free? – No / Not adequately.So, under the circumstances what ought be done so that we continue to produce more seeing that the ZANUPF cadre cant / wont farm the land adequately / efficiently? – Allow the white boy to farm, its a win win situation.

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    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    No doubt that the thieving ZANU PF dog pack are waiting for these white Zimbabweans to harvest. Little doubt, that theirs will be the only successful crops grown in that area. 150.000 tons of maize are been sent from SA to feed the, “Once bread basket of the region” population. They got maize last year from Zambia grown by white Zimbabweans that had their farms stolen by the ZANU PF dogs but failed to pay. When they fail to pay SA they will tell their poor suffering people that they will have to learn to eat rice because the Chinese will give the dog pack rice for after all they are busy giving the Chinese Zimbabwe.

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    Is this a dumb question: when a nation has among the worlds finest and experienced farmers do you obliterate them and their talents and decades of expertise or do you harness all that gifting to mentor the many new indigenous farmers who have a desire to farm? Am I the only one thinking like this? I gave a lift once to a young indigenous farmer who had done Gwebi and had become manager to a very successful white farmer. farmer lost his farm: young manager lost his dream. Was he ever given land? Nooooo! He said his whole dream was to farm. How many degrees did PF collectively???

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    How many degrees do ZPF have collectively and what have they done with them?

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    to those whites who are being targeted dont wait until its too little too late you have seen it before history always repeats itself do say you dint see it coming, Zanu will never change.

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    This is a disaster to the economy, we Zimbabweans, we want to know the actual reason why all white farmers are being removed from commercial farms.

    Commercial farming is important to the economy of the country, without commercial farming the economy will go down and the country will end up borrowing from other countries. Somethign seriously has gone wrong there!

    Most of the indegenous Zimbabweans were given land to plough,each six acres of fertile soil. But still the production is very low and this has plunged the country into poor production of material wealth.

    Is it possible for the goverment to request people already resettled in the ressettlement areas to share the six acres and let the white commercial farmers continue with their farms.

    Each family can have at least 3 acres and adding the acre at the yard they become four acres. Each family can plough maize, peanuts (groundnuts) or gardening, there is still plenty of land indegenous Zimbabweans can utilise for agricultural purposes.

    Therefore, it is important to live the white Zimbabwean farmers continue with farming side by side with black Zimbabwean farmers.

    Let us not seek revenge for what we experienced during the liberation struggle. My family perished during Nyadzonya massacre in Mozambique and some perished during the war in Zimbabwe. Revenge is not the answer!

    Maybe white commercial farmers are undermining the production, if that is the case, then it is important to address their grievances so that there can be a solution and we can move foward.

    Let us remember that white Zimbabwean farmers were born and brought up in Zimbabwe, they went to school in Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe is their home,let us put the past aside and look foward to the future.

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    trevor 8 years ago

    The Canaanites are cursed way back in Genesis and the Israelites were blessed and have an everlasting Covenant with God.See the migration of the Isrealites into Europe according to history then you will know who you are .The Canaanites will always be jealous of God’s people.We are now living in Jacob’s trouble as the Bible says.The whites will have to turn back to God before anything can be turned around.We have no option.