Zimbabwe asks for UN bailout

via Zimbabwe asks for UN bailout  Mail & Guardian 06 DEC 2013 by Takudzwa Munyaka

The government wants the United Nations to cut aid and give it cash to boost the economy instead.

Harare has asked the United Nations to bail it out by scaling down its humanitarian programmes and channelling funds to development work that will support Zanu-PF’s economic revival blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset).

Zim Asset aims to grow the economy by 3.4% this year and by 6.1% in 2014, with the ultimate target of achieving a 9.9% growth rate by 2018 — but the government has been struggling to secure funding for these plans.

Among other things, Zim Asset seeks to rebuild infrastructure, re­open closed factories, pay off the country’s external debt and provide cheap housing and better access to identity documents. It also seeks to run all government buildings on solar energy by 2015.

Now Harare has found a way to lean on the UN and make it partly fund the ambitious five-year programme.


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30 comments on “Zimbabwe asks for UN bailout
  1. Peter tosh says:

    You tell us about your useless Zim Asset yet you have no funding for it, what a bunch of stupid politicians we have in Zim.UN, please humanitarian is better than channeling that money to thieves, please don’t do it!

    • Chamunorwa says:

      If all the ministers and other ZANU (PF) officials right to the rank and file of people like Phillip Chyangwa empty their pockets, there will be enough money to fund the economy. Chiyangwas can give the economy US$ 100,000,000 surely he will remain with a comfortable eighty million US Dollars to live with, then there is the late Mujuru estate of around US$ 9,000,000,000 staggering, add it to Mugabes and the rest, surely the world bank will not need to give us any money or right off our debit, will they?

  2. DL says:

    I doubt they’ll have any luck. The UN is a development organization, not a financial organization, and they like to control the way their money is dispersed, to ensure that it’s done fairly and equitably. Why should they just give cash to ZANU-PF to play with? When the UN offered to pay for the last elections, who rejected them? Mugabe and ZANU-PF! So now that the election has been safely stolen, national sovereignty is no longer a concern for Mugabe as he begs for his country’s supper, because he has no clue how else to get it.

  3. maisokwazo says:

    This ZANUIOD illegal regime never ceases throwing feats and fieces at every turn of its dismal tenure.Now they want the UN to provide them cash cash to yhe dogs where did they put all the cash they were given before Swiiss Bank accounts huh.

    I don’t think UN will be so base and so naïve to entertain this heinous request. No, not the UN we know ! No, not with even China supporting the stupid idea. Giving who money? Mugabe? Which Mugabe? unless you are not talking about ROBERT MATIBIRI GABRIEL MBAVHA MHONDI. UN would rather throw money to elephants in the forest than consider giving the present regime any CASH. NO! NO CASH!


  4. Jogo Bonita says:

    “You can rig elections but you cant rig the economy.”

  5. TARGET says:

    u want to convert medicines, books and food from UN given to the poor into cash to finance yo dairy farms and use the other cash to buy yo ministers new mercs and reintroduce green bombers.Forget. U refused when the UN wanted to help during the elections so go to hell and hang and leave the people benefit directly from UN programmes .Let yo east friends finance zimasset.

  6. NBS says:

    What fascinates me is that in Zimbabwe we destroy our own infrastructure, plunder the national assets and misgovern to a far degree, feed off corruption, veto those who can farm and would assist in feeding their nation, take viable companies and run them into the ground and then go out with a begging bowl????
    Chinyangwa’s more than 100 million bank wealth???? The tip of the ice berg! They haven’t skimmed the cream. They have taken the whole cow. And so guess what? There is NOTHING left!

  7. munzwa says:

    was Mugabe helpful during the GNU in securing this cash for infrastructural development or was he just hindering the efforts of the MDC. Zanu can not be trusted with cash so think again Bob, go back to the drawing board and think about a UN supervised free and fair election before asking them to condone your misdemeanors!!!

    • Mupurisa says:

      Yes Munzwa, apa wataura chokwadi!! As others have rightly said, the UN’s money was not good enough before elections, but now that they have secured their illegitimate win, now they they have made a U-turn. Seyi ko?

  8. Kitsi-yatota says:

    i doubt this article’s credibility……ZPF is stupid but the guys remain so proud…..the best they can to is to tax NGO monies and reduce tax and not tax government support programs, which is still unlikely.

    the article quoted no Chinamasa, no Rugare nor George

  9. Gift says:

    Shame ,shame ,shame what has happened to our look east policy. Now we are looking west. UN is mostly sponsored by the western countries, that is where UN get most of its resources to fund is programes. We is UN’s HQ? In New York, America.

    What happened to our all weather friend China. U see now the Chinese they do not want to help us, bt steal our resources here.

    Before the election UN sends its fact-finding team , u denied them entry into the country saying they are bias. So now they a no longer bias. Yes by that time u were having something to hide, the rigging machine. Because if u are clean why u refuse police search your house?

    Please don’t beat about the bush, go straight to America and Europe. Knee down and ask for forgiveness. Don’t try to say Un , because un is in the hands of them.

    I know they can say we can give you, bt i know you will not meet all the conditions. For example return all farms and companies u grabbed to the rightful owners.

    I still remember my cow boy Mabhurukwa used to say Blair keep your England and i will keep my Zimbabwe. We never asked for an inch of England. Recently at UN conference in New York Mabhurukwa went on to say shame, shame ,shame on you America and Britain.

    Now without much time we a begging from them. U must also remember A BEGGER IS NOT A CHOSER.

    We can rig the election not the economy.

  10. Look north. Then south. Better you Zanoids look to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Valour Museyamwa says:

    ZANU wants money so that they can steal. UN would rather do that project you want done, not give you money. They know how dictators operate, mark my words. They will not get a cent. Chatunga, you can rig the elections but you cannot rig the economy. Tsvangson, president vedu veZimbabwe chaiyo was right. Mashoko avakuru chaivo haawiri pasi.

  12. chilimanzi says:

    Realy? Cash for what ? what are the majority of zimbabweans going to benifit because the cash will go to the few,The problem is we never think of tomorrow when the DEAR LEADER is lashing out and saying all those rheetoric statements we laugh or clap hands because zimbabwe is for zanu

  13. bingo wajakata says:

    As ZANU PF we wish t state categorically that we will and shall not beg for money from the pale devils. Given our resounding resettlement program and the thriving local banks we will soldier on to become the jewel of Africa. In did led by the commander in chief who will live to stand for the next elections we also wish to declare that the party is stronger than ever and anyone who thinks that there are factions is welcome to their hallucinations. Shame shame shame! ZANU PF as the current ruling party will never and shall never beg from the west, we have said it again and will say it again, we have very supportive friends in the East so why would we look at sun set when we can look and welcome sun rise.

  14. Nyoni says:

    Zanu believe they are a World power and so who the hell are the Western world. The other crooks at the UN are expected to help Zanu. If they dont well they will lose everything. Guess what Zanu card was. You guessed right. Indigenisation.

  15. Tom says:

    Since we are a Chinese colony why dont they ask China for financial assistance?
    Or better still, Zim government should invite De Beers mining company from SA. Chiadzwa diamonds can be an overnight cure to Zim economy.

  16. John Thomas says:

    Many at the UN think that Mugabe is a hero. This may not be easy to forgive, but it is true. He may get his way. Donors have sponsored ZANU since the beginning. ZANU is only the government of this country because of foreign sponsors.

  17. Mr Mixed Race says:

    Why should UN bail out Zimbabwe when we made it clear to them that we do not trust them to monitor our elections.We have better friends like the Chinese and the Russians who will support us economically provided we give them our minerals.Surely,people like Chiyangwa can help the country,its time for them to pay back to the national pride with their loots.The government should tax these very rich people like Chiyangwa and AngeL 90% to raise urgently needed funds.The French government is doing it now so we can learn from them.This would discourage looters and corrupt individuals to slow down in thieving.

  18. Gonzo says:

    Leave mugabe alone guys vana chombo ndivo vauraya nyika

    • Mike says:

      Leave him alone! What? He has slaughtered his own people, destroyed the economy, lowered life expectancy back to the Stone Age, over 80% unemployed! chased millions into menial jobs in surrounding countries and he should be left alone! All the while his inner circle have become £ millionaires from looting the countries resources i.e. his cousin and the rest of his gang. One thing he has achieved is create a new word, KLEPTOCRACY. What an achievement. Leave him alone. Fine for now because the devil will not.

  19. maisokwazo says:

    ZANU PF idiots if your idiotic minds have nothing to offer shut up instead of writing nonsense about not begging from the West when indeed you are BEGGING AINT YOU?

    ZANU has brought so much shame to Zimbabwe that Zimbabweans are now taken as idiots because of idiotic ZANUIODS. Rubbish EAT your crooked diamond money UN is not for you that’s why YOUR DEMENTED Mugabe SLEEPS DURING UN SESSIONS AND WOZONGOVHURUMUKA NEKUROTOMOKA KUNGE IMBWA INE GWEMBE.

  20. Muti says:

    So Mugabe and partners so it fit to pay NIKUV at th expense of industry. Kanayaguta yoponda dura netsvimbo. Makamboba mari yeUN naGono gore riya nomore.

  21. National Observer says:

    Ask the shame, shame, shame Jurassic boy where the diamonds revenue is. We are endowed with God given natural resources. Go on use these. Why squealing – we expect our civil service to be paid full bonuses as well as an above PDL salaries.

    Where are the war veterans – they have not reported over the past five months at the Finance ministry head office for musical recording to support our 75% local content.

  22. Peter tosh says:

    Lets wait and hear what Mugabe will be saying about the West when he buries this other soldier who died recently. No more rhetoric sir, time to get real.

  23. Bruce says:

    UN is not a donkey, a burden for ZANU PF usless baggage, if ZANU PF want UN they should have doen som before elections and called UN to monitor the election; it would have been automatic to ZANU PF to request funding for development. Now after stealing they want to be blessed by the very body they said has nothing to do with Zimbabwe, stupity ZANU PF thinks their with stomach not mind as normal beings.

  24. Johnx says:

    Mugabe has developed squint eyes, he faces east while he looks west! Nice. UN is not naive, if it stops humanitarian aid the country’s remaining human rights vanishes. There will be an acute shortage of ARVs and that will lead to armageddon

  25. Chamunorwa says:

    They will be eating each-each now that there is no more money coming. Kikikikikikiki

  26. Mafuta says:

    Reminds me of the man who reported this burglary to the police: he said someone stole his welfare stamps right off the front seat of his Rolls Royce.

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