100 motorbikes lie idle, 4 years after they were donated to Govt by WHO

Source: 100 motorbikes lie idle, 4 years after they were donated to Govt by WHO – #Asakhe – CITE

As one of the signs of poor management and inefficiency by the government, a total of 100 motorbikes which were donated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018 to health workers have been left to rot.

This is after the government failed to fund health workers to acquire licenses to operate the bikes.

This was revealed by Kambuzuma legislator Willias Madzimure in Parliament during a debate on the state health facilities in the country.

“The first one has to do with motorcycles that were supplied by the WHO,” Madzimure said.

“It is now four years after these motorcycles were donated and to date, they are not working. So, we have got 100 motorcycles that are lying idle that were donated some four years ago. The reason is simple. They are saying they do not have money to train health workers who are supposed to use those motorcycles,” he said.

The legislator went on to explain how such a gesture could have gone a long way in alleviating transport challenges in the health sector adding that those with chronic illnesses could have also benefited.

“If you divide the 100 motorcycles by 10, it means each province will have 10 motorcycles for the health workers. This will make a big difference.

“Those who are diabetic, HIV positive or have high blood pressure, they can supply medicines using motorcycles.  We have got 10 motorcycles lying idle because the staff that is supposed to use them cannot be trained,” he said.

Madzimure also revealed that Matobo hospital in Matabeleland South province which he said was in deplorable condition.

“The second issue has to do with a hospital in Matobo.  When we were doing consultations, it was submitted that the hospital was actually condemned and if you visit the hospital, it is in a sorry state.  You do not have accommodation for pregnant women. Even those who will be in the wards waiting to deliver may be shifted when rains come because the roofs are leaking.

So, there must be a line that deals with that particular hospital because that is the only hospital that they have,” he said.


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    dubonus 1 year ago

    They shouldn’t worry. If they’d been sent to the Provinces, they would have been trashed in a couple of weeks.