20 percent Hwange workers test positive to Covid-19

Source: 20 percent Hwange workers test positive to Covid-19 | The Sunday News

20 percent Hwange workers test positive to Covid-19

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AT least 20 percent of Hwange Colliery Company workforce contracted Covid-19 during the course of this year, but only one succumbed to the pandemic, as the company continues to come up with programmes that prioritise the safety of its workforce.

Company managing director Dr Charles Zinyemba told workers who are part of the company’s wellness programme, at the Colliery Stadium on Friday that the company has managed to respond and manage the cases.

“2021 was a difficult year on the wellness front due to the Covid-19 pandemic which affected all sectors of the economy and saw close to 20 percent of our workforce being afflicted with one member succumbing to the disease.

The “Well life-Kalife Kamushe” slogan inspired us through the novel coronavirus trials and tribulations.

We have set up a robust campaign on Covid-19 education, vaccination, surveillance as well as dedicated response teams which have responded to all suspected cases in our community,” he said.

Dr Zinyemba said the wellness programme has seen the company holding sporting activities for its employees and their families annually.

“This programme started in 2019 and we have witnessed improved uptake and interest in wellness related activities over the past two years. The wellness programme continues to promote a healthy and productive workforce. Our vision is to see the reduction of medical costs to employees as well as the organisation as a fit employee is a healthy team player,” said Dr Zinyemba.

This year’s edition saw an increase in sporting disciplines such as golf, football, netball, volleyball, darts, swimming and bowling. That complemented the existing ones which include fun run, walks and aerobics.

Dr Zinyemba said the programme was also being used to fight non-communicable diseases while widening screening.

Speaking at the same event, Hwange District Aids action co-ordinator Mr Nehemiah Ncube bemoaned the widening gap between those with access to quality health care as a result of HIV and Aids and Covid-19 pandemics.

“The theme of 2021 World Aids Day, ‘End Inequalities. End Aids, End Pandemics’ is a stark reminder that urgent action must be taken to tackle the inequalities that prolong overwhelming pandemics.

Both the Covid-19 and HIV and Aids pandemics have illustrated the widening gaps between those with access to quality health and those without.

Such initiatives as wellness programmes are crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” he said.