5 Greatest Zimbabwe’s Soccer Players Of All Time

Soccer is a worldwide popular and appreciated sport like no other in this world. Its popularity is mostly due to a few basic features of the game. One of them is the simplicity of its rules: everyone can easily learn how to play soccer, even kids, that’s what makes this sport spread so largely and quickly among people of all ages.

Also, another important thing is that you don’t need specific sports equipment to play and enjoy your soccer game. A ball, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a friend are enough to start playing soccer, no matter if you are in the middle of a bog crowded city or away in the jungle!

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Do You Know The Best Soccer Players Of Zimbabwe?

If you are a passionate fan of soccer, you already know enough about your country’s national team, players, coaches, and events. But if you come to the world of soccer as a beginner, you may still have so much to learn. First of all, soccer was invented in Europe but this doesn’t mean that the success of this sport is limited to the western side of the world only. In fact, it’s worldwide popular and played at all ages. And, what’s more, Zimbabwe has its high-level soccer players, too.

Zimbabwe’s best soccer players have been performing in both club football and the national team. Are you curious to see who are the best Zimbabwean players ever in history? We’ve prepared this list to show you who they are and what they’ve been doing to keep up with Zimbabwe’s good name in the field of soccer:

  1.  Marvelous Nakamba
    He signed for Aston Villa in 2020 and he has already performed in the League Cup final with the Midlanders. Nakamba also played in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. We must highlight that Nakamba is one of the 4 Southern African players who played in the Premier League. Also, when Nakamba appeared on the English soccer field, he was only 17, which is brilliant for such a young man.
  2.  Benjani Mwaruwari
    He is considered one of the best players for big events. Mwaruwari played for Portsmouth and then for Manchester City. He also played for more English clubs, performing really very well. Just to mention one of his best achievements, Benjani can boast 118 appearances in the Premier League and 26 goals that he collected when performing for Portsmouth, Sunderland, Blackburn. But probably his highest achievement was winning the 2008 FA Cup in England.
  3.  Khama Billiat
    He’s the best attacker of the Kaizer Chiefs and one of the most significant Zimbabwean soccer players. His first appearance was in the South African football environment where he stood out not only for his ability but also because he has been playing in South Africa for most of his career. In 2016, he won a big recognition: the Premier Soccer League Player of the Season.
  4.  Knowledge Musona
    He’s the current Zimbabwean team’s captain. He passed from playing soccer in Zimbabwe to sign for Kaizer Chiefs in 2008. Another very important achievement that we should always keep in mind is that he won the Premier Soccer League score’s chart in the second season with the Chiefs. Then, he moved to Belgium where he signed for a local club, KV Oostende, which allowed him to manage 41 goals for 112 appearances in 4 seasons. When Benjani retired, Musona took his place becoming Zimbabwe’s best striker.
  5.  Peter Ndlovu
    He’s another great talent of soccer who moved to Europe early. He was 18 years old when he reached Coventry City in 1991 to play in the new Premier League the following year. He then came back to Zimbabwe where he became the national Soccer Star of the Year. Ndlovu scored 35 goals for 152 appearances in the Premier League for Coventry. In 2006, Ndlovu became the national best skipper helping the Warriors getting a qualification for the Afcon.

As you can see, although western countries can boast a long tradition in the history of soccer, Zimbabwe is also pleased to have some of the world’s best talents.