8 soldiers up for armed robbery

Source: 8 soldiers up for armed robbery – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 18, 2019

EIGHT members of the Zimbabwe National Army reportedly stormed Ceola Mine in Concession, Mashonaland Central province, last week and tried to disarm security guards before stealing gold ore valued at US$150 and fleeing in a military-issue vehicle.


The matter came to light at Concession District Hospital on Friday, where one of the soldiers was admitted after being mauled by guard dogs after failing to jump into their escape vehicle.

Shelton Marerwa (52) was remanded in custody to June 28 while on his hospital bed by Concession resident magistrate Ruth Moyo.

The State alleges that Marerwa, who holds the rank of captain, together with his seven accomplices, stormed at Ceola Mine and identified themselves as being from the President’s Office.

The soldiers, who were armed with three loaded pistols, demanded storeroom keys, alleging that the mine firearms had no licences and, therefore, ordered the security guards to surrender their firearms.

The guards resisted and fought back, before unleashing vicious dogs on the soldiers. The military men fled and left their captain behind, who had been injured in the tussle.

The accused stole a cellphone and some gold ore, before driving away in the military truck.

The soldiers dumped their getaway vehicle after it broke down only a few kilometres from the crime scene.

Police officers towed it to Mazowe Police Station, where it is currently held as exhibit.


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    Mapingu 1 year ago

    From terrorizing & killing people for peacefully protesting against all sorts of government shenanigans and destruction of the economy to to robbing same people using same firearms that you are supposed to use to protect them. It never rains of Zimbabwean civilians it only pours. If it is not some government officials stealing from the povo by whatever trick the its the soldiers robbing people. Pakaipa.

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    Mthunzi 1 year ago

    hanti Mugabe ndiye akati magunners vagare kuma barracks.

    Saka ngogunman mamwe haNA dISCIPLINE,.

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    Mthunzi 1 year ago

    hanti Mugabe ndiye akati magunners vagare kuma barracks.

    Saka MAgunman mamwe haVASISINA dISCIPLINE,.