Abuse of trust funds costs top lawyer 

Source: Abuse of trust funds costs top lawyer | The Herald April 16, 2019

Abuse of trust funds costs top lawyer

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
AFTER practicing law for 34 years, a senior Harare lawyer, Mr Moses Shingiriro Chinyenze, was last week removed from the legal practitioners’ register for abuse of trust funds.

Mr Chinyenze was convicted by the Legal Practitioners’ Disciplinary Tribunal chaired by High Court judge, Justice Felistus Chatukuta.

His law firm, MS Chinyenze & Associates, was placed under curatorship for the administration of its trust and business accounts.

“It is accordingly ordered that: The respondent’s name be and is hereby deleted from the Register of Legal Practitioners, Notaries Public and Conveyancers,” ruled Justice Chatukuta.

“The respondent’s law firm be and is hereby placed under curatorship for the administration of its trust accounts and/or business accounts.

“The respondent be and is hereby ordered to pay all the expenses incurred by the applicant (Law Society of Zimbabwe) in connection with these proceedings.”

The Tribunal held that Mr Chinyenze was no longer fit and proper to practise as a lawyer in Zimbabwe.

“It is our view that the applicant has succeeded to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the respondent abused client’s monies and acted in an unprofessional manner as alleged by the applicant,” said Justice Chatukuta.

“This renders the respondent not fit and proper person to remain on the register of legal Practitioners, Notaries Public and Conveyancers.”

During mitigation, the tribunal heard that Mr Chinyenze had an unblemished legal career spanning from 1985.

In 1986, Mr Chinyenze formed the country’s third indigenous law firm called Gambe & Chinyenze where he groomed a number of lawyers including others who later became judges.

He imparted legal knowledge to law students as a tutorial assistant at the University of Zimbabwe and as a lecturer at the Judicial College in Domboshawa.

Mr Chinyenze was a member of International Bar Association as well as secretary general of the Zimbabwe Association of Democratic Jurists in 1986.