AMHVoices: Zanu PF has failed the nation

Source: AMHVoices: Zanu PF has failed the nation – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Zanu PF government has brought untold misery on the people. Whether it is the military doing this behind the scenes so that Zanu PF can remain in power through brutality and torture, needs to be investigated.

By Corruptionforce

It is a huge shame that Zanu PF is still going forward with its corrupt and brutal ways.

Its culture is outdated. Zanu PF can’t see this is testament to the quality of its leadership.

The buying of vehicles ahead of food and medicine confirms that Zimbabwe is being run by clueless people.

A newly-born baby’s giggle can send the country in the right direction better than the current Zanu PF leadership.

But we should not be surprised at all. Remember, Zanu PF has at its leadership core three people accused of having a hand in the 1983-87 Gukurahundi massacres.

We are following all the games being played by Zanu PF regarding MDC-T and MDC Alliance.

All we can say is that anyone who aligns themselves with the Political Actors Dialogue is endorsing the Zanu PF culture of bribery and corruption.

MDC Alliance is a fully recognised political party since it contested in the last elections.

As Corruptionforce, we support the rule of law and sovereign constitutions, but we condemn anti-democratic efforts.

The international world supports free and fair elections, but Zanu PF does not want that as it fears losing power and having all its scams exposed.

Zimbabwe is a failed State because of Zanu PF. They are still looting and stealing, but denying everything. In short, the culture that the late former President Robert Mugabe nourished is still entrenched.


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    So what else is new? ZANU-PF has been failing the nation for the past 40 years!

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    Ndebele 2 years ago

    Has Coventry really taken a farm?

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    Annetta Holmes 2 years ago

    ZANU-PF is the recognised government. Voted in by people who live there. Dr Thembinkosi Mhlongo has not said much about ZANU-PF so Dr Thembinkosi Mhlongo must be reasonably happy with the way Zim is being governed. Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax has not aired any strong views about ZANU-PF so she must be confident that ZANU is running the country well. Ambassador Joseph André Nourrice had not been vocal about the way ZANU is running Zim so he must agree with ZANU. If the people who live in Zim, voted for ZANU, and if the leaders of SADC are silent about Zim, it must be that they are all happy. It is normal for an opposition party to complain about the ruling party, that’s politics.

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    Nyoni 2 years ago

    Thank the Western powers for our issues. They gave it knowingly away to the devil .

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    Clive Sutherland 2 years ago

    Ian Smith you are vindicated, after all he tried his best to warn the the world what would become of Rhodesia, he was 100% correct, another failed African State reliant on handouts, a true Banana Republic.