Armed robbers hit Madziwa water plant . . . 

Source: Armed robbers hit Madziwa water plant . . . | The Herald January 22, 2020

Armed robbers hit Madziwa water plant . . .
Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

Mash Central Bureau

The police have launched a manhunt for 16 armed robbers who stole copper winding cables and transformer oil at Zinwa’s Madziwa Teachers’ College Water Treatment Plant a fortnight ago.

The plant supplies water to Madziwa Teacher’s College and the surrounding community.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the gang, armed with rifles attacked three guards who were manning the plant.

The incident happened on January 11, this year at around 11pm.

The unidentified robbers assaulted the guards and tied them up before stealing their personal items including cellphones, $25 and raincoats.

“Two of the gang member were left behind guarding the security guards while the rest went to the transformer where they stole copper winding cables,” said Ass Com Nyathi.

“They loaded their loot in a getaway vehicle and sped off. The matter was reported to the police and we are carrying investigations.”

Zinwa’s corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjory Munyonga reiterated the incident.

She said the group of armed men approached an operator and two loss control personnel who were at the raw water mains for the Madziwa Teacher’s College Water Treatment plant.

“The armed gang tied the three and drained oil from the electricity transformer at the site. They held the three personnel hostage throughout the period they were taking the oil,” she said.

“They also made away with the three’s personal belongings which included a pick, handcuffs, cellphones, cash, rain-suit and some food stuffs.”

The matter was reported to the police who are carrying out investigations, said Mrs Munyonga.