‘Attitude change key to winning Covid-19 war’ 

Source: ‘Attitude change key to winning Covid-19 war’ | The Herald

‘Attitude change key to winning Covid-19 war’
Minister Kazembe

Fungai Lupande-Mash Central Bureau

The long-lasting, cheap and quickest solution to containing Covid-19 is not the enforcement of regulations by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) but a change of attitude and behaviour by the public, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe has said.

Instead of expecting the police to enforce compliance with Covid-19 protocols, Minister Kazembe, who is in charge of the ZRP said it is incumbent upon the populace to adhere to preventive measures such as social distancing, masking up, and maintaining high levels of personal hygiene.

Speaking at the burial of Chief Hwata in Muzarabani, Minister Kazembe said what saves and protects people from Covid-19 is not the police but people’s behaviour and attitude.

“This is the cheapest method, what you hear the President urging people to practice, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the media to mask up, social distancing and high level of hand hygiene. 

“This disease is real, we are losing our loved ones every day to the pandemic. 

“We must not wait for a police officer to tell us to wear a mask, protect your life. In the event there is no sanitiser, use soap and running water.

“Cases of common cold have declined since we started wearing masks and hand washing. This is because we are practicing high levels of hygiene. Stay at home when it is not necessary to travel. This doesn’t need a police officer.

“Other countries have recommended managing to contain the pandemic. We thank the President for stern measures.”

Chairman of the provincial council of Chiefs, Chief Nembire said he is concerned with the increase in self-proclaimed prophets known as ‘tsikamutanda’ in Mbire who are attending to Covid-19 patients convincing them that they have been bewitched.

“We have the Covid-19 pandemic, go and get tested. Desist from engaging these prophets who are walking away with your livestock as payment for an illness that can be treated,” he said.

“We have witchcraft amongst us, that’s our culture. Go and be tested for chronic ailments like cancer. Don’t let people extort you for ailments that have medical treatments, report these prophets to the police.”

Thirty-seven Covid-19 new infections and four deaths were recorded in the province on Sunday.

The province has 2 478 active cases. Guruve has the largest number of cases 556, followed by Mazowe 502, Bindura 479, Shamva trailing with 117 cases.

About 107 841 people have received their first dose while 40 149 received their second dose in the second phase of the vaccination programme.