Baby miraculously survives house blast

Source: Baby miraculously survives house blast | The Herald

Baby miraculously survives house blast

Freedom Mupanedemo
Midlands Bureau
Alice Makasi (21), of Shurugwi, died instantly on Tuesday night after mining explosives which were in her bedroom blew up, reducing her body to smithereens, with part of the house being destroyed.

However, Makasi’s three-week-old baby miraculously survived the blast and was safely pulled out of the debris by neighbours.

Makasi of house number 1768 Magakooshla, was reportedly preparing to retire to bed when the mining explosives went off, blowing off part of the roof and a wall of the house.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, confirmed the incident saying he was still to gather more details on the matter.

A neighbour, Ms Martha Nyoni, who was with the deceased moments before the tragic incident said the community was still in a state of shock.

She said she had spent some time with Makasi before they agreed to retire to bed. Ms Nyoni then heard screams from Makasi’s house followed by a huge explosion.

“She was at my house and there were three of us. We then bade each other farewell at around 9pm when Martha said she wanted to go and feed her baby.

“A few moments after she left, I heard some screams for help followed by a huge explosion,” said Ms Nyoni.

She said she went out to investigate and saw smoke coming out Makasi’s house.

Ms Nyoni said she screamed for help and some neighbours quickly gathered to offer help.

“One of the neighbours saw Makasi’s ruptured head on the ground outside the house. Some went into the house and saw blood all over the walls and some of Makasi’s body parts scattered all over. Part of the house’s walls had also been destroyed,” said Ms Nyoni.

Another witness, Mrs Primrose Sandi said some neighbours later searched through the rubble after they heard a baby crying.

“We then retrieved the baby alive and went to the police to make a report. It was then discovered that there were some mining explosives which were being kept in the house and had reacted resulting in the explosion,” she said.

Police in Shurugwi said they had since arrested Makasi’s husband, Blessed Ndlovu (35) who is an artisanal miner, for keeping explosives in the house.

“Blessed Ndlovu, who was away when the incident occurred, is now assisting the police with investigations. He is being charged for keeping explosives in an unsafe environment.

“The suspect said he had been using them in his artisanal mining activities in the Falcon area,” said a police officer close to the investigation.