BCC revenue collection up 71% 

Source: BCC revenue collection up 71% – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE Bulawayo City Council has registered a 71% increase in revenue collection, from 13%, after the local authority adopted a new credit control policy.

Council’s finance and development committee chairperson Tawanda Ruzive said the credit control policy was bearing fruits.

“Credit control has made positive changes to the extent that rates payment has increased from 13% to 71% of people settling their water bills.

“That on its own is a huge difference and it shows that the implementation of the policy is reaping benefits because the majority of residents are now paying their water bills,” Ruzive said.

“This has happened barely a month since these credit control measures were implemented, and they are bearing fruit.”

Council adopted the credit control policy in 2019 but only started implementing it recently.

“At first we thought that the residents were not ready for it, and this is the reason why we just adopted it.

“We never put it into action until about a month ago,” he said.

Before the credit control measures were introduced in February this year, the local authority was owed more than $1,3 billion, with residents owing $1 billion.

Industry and commerce owed $670 million, government debt stood at $126 million, and self-funding ministries owed $52 million.

Mayor Solomon Mguni early this week said failure to settle bills was affecting service delivery.