ChiTown councillors expose management 

Source: ChiTown councillors expose management – NewsDay Zimbabwe

A GOVERNMENT directive ordering Chitungwiza Municipality to hold trainings and workshops locally has exposed the council’s lack of facilities to host important meetings.

The council has now been forced to hold its 2021-23 strategic meeting at St Mary’s hall, which has malfunctioning ablution facilities.

Council spokesperson Lovemore Meya told attendees yesterday that they would have to visit St Mary’s Clinic, 150 metres away from the venue, to access convenience rooms.

Mayor Lovemore Maiko said councillors deliberately chose the venue to expose the management.

“We chose this place to rate the performance of council employees, in particular the management. We want a clear picture to be depicted on whether council officials are doing their work or not because as policymakers we played our part,” Maiko said.

“What we witness here is management sleeping on duty. I am not ashamed with us conducting the strategic plan review here. We want to visit many other places like this to hold people to account for failing to do their job.

“Those who sleep on duty must face the music, they should work. We gave them a mandate and I have come four times here calling our management to fix this place. This is a place for council meetings and community gatherings.”

Harare provincial development co-ordinator Tafadzwa Muguti recently ordered the local authority to suspend holding trainings and workshops outside its jurisdiction to cut costs.

Maiko added: “We can’t have meetings in air-conditioned rooms while failing to fix places like these. The money that was supposed to be used at Margolis can go a long way in refurbishing this community hall. It should have tiles, ceiling, air-conditioning, window panes and functional toilets.”

Zimbabwe National Organisations of Associations of Residents Trust Chitungwiza chairperson Obert Matsika said it was shameful to hold a strategic meeting at a venue lacking ablution facilities.