Belarusian President to visit Emirates and Zimbabwe

Source: Belarusian President to visit Emirates and Zimbabwe

Belarusian President to visit Emirates and Zimbabwe

Minsk, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) The President of Belarus, Aleksander Lukashenko, will visit the United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe in the coming days, the President’s Office reported.

Lukashenko will travel to those nations to fulfill an invitation and will hold a number of meetings and negotiations with local politicians and businessmen, the Belta news agency highlighted on Wednesday.

Last week, Lukashenko declared that he was invited to the United Arab Emirates, a country with which Belarus implements several projects of special interest, in the field of artificial intelligence.

Earlier, the head of state signed decrees approving draft agreements between Belarus and Zimbabwe on the creation of a joint standing committee for cooperation and on mutual promotion and protection of investments.

-Prensa Latina


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    Andy Jack 2 months ago

    This widely acknowledged political deviant in the global cesspits of infamy is truly an appropriate bed mate for ZANU leaders / movers and shakers!! Their deal making will be something to laugh at!!

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    Isaac Demecillo 2 months ago

    a trio of thugs