Binga chefs divert donated ambulance

Source: Binga chefs divert donated ambulance – NewsDay Zimbabwe


VILLAGERS in Tyuunga, Matabeleland North province, have accused top officials at the Binga Rural District Council of diverting donations, including an ambulance, to carry out administrative errands at its offices.

The irate villagers said they had resorted to using scotchcarts to transport sick villagers to Tyuunga Clinic after an ambulance donated by a well-wisher was highjacked by council officials.

“Having learnt how resources within the district have been previously diverted, I saw a vehicle at Binga RDC offices. When I asked about it, I was told that it was Binga RDC vehicle. To my knowledge, Binga RDC vehicles have white number plates, but the one I saw had private yellow number plates,” Moses Mudenda, a villager, said.

Former Binga South legislator Prince Dubeko Sibanda said a ward councillor in the area confirmed to him that the donated ambulance was actually at the council premises.

“I have contacted the ward councillor and he said it’s true,” Sibanda said.

Tyuunga ward councillor Super Siamubeze said he would investigate the issue.

“I don’t have enough information about this because I’m still investigating it and will update you after one week if I get more information from the nurse in charge,” Siamubeze said.

Binga rural district chief executive officer Joshuwa Muzamba said he could not comment on the issue as he was in a meeting.