Binga headman goes missing 

Source: Binga headman goes missing – NewsDay Zimbabwe

A BINGA headman has gone missing after taking a three-day walk from his home in Sichutumba to Sianzyundu to visit his relatives to help resolve a social problem.

Sianzyundu and Sichutumba villagers are searching for the old man whose age could not be established.

Headman Dickson Siabwizu Mudenda from Binga South is said to have walked to and from Sianzyundu  because of serious transport challenges.

“The old man, who is a headman, decided to walk to Sianzyundu due to transport problems.  It is reported that he arrived well at Siyanzyundu.  On his way back no one knows what happened to him as he has gone missing,” a villager told Southern Eye.

“It is now the seventh day since he left Sianzyundu,” he said.

Villagers said the missing headman was supposed to have returned on April 9.

“Relatives, who lived with him, are now worried and wondering what could have happened to the headman. Mudenda is shortsighted and villagers now fear that he could have taken a wrong route resulting in him getting lost,” the villager said.

Chief Dobola yesterday told Southern Eye that he received a messages, saying the missing headman was found at Kariangwe, but he still needed to confirm whether it was true or not.

“I got a message that he has been found at Kariangwe, but I am yet to check the authenticity of the message,” chief Dobola said.

Binga is among some of the country’s most underdeveloped areas with a poor road network and serious access to water challenges despite government promises to develop the area.  This has resulted in the mushrooming of several non-governmental organisations in the district.