Biti verbal assault trial resumes 

Source: Biti verbal assault trial resumes –Newsday Zimbabwe

Opposition legislator Tendai Biti,

THE trial of opposition legislator Tendai Biti, who is accused of verbally assaulting a local businesswoman Tatiana Aleshina, continued yesterday with the complainant refusing to answer some questions under cross-examination.

The trial proceeded with Aleshina leading evidence for the State.

Biit’s lawyer Alec Muchadehama asked Aleshina several questions relating to their company Augur Investments, Doorex and Sunshine, among others, but she refused to answer any of the questions.

“I have no authority to talk about Augur Investments. I am only here for an assault case,” Aleshina responded.

Augur Investments was given a contract for the construction of the Airport Road that was supposed to connect the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport to Harare’s central business district.

Only a small fraction of the road was constructed before government cancelled the contract.

“I introduced a lot of investors in this country, but I don’t remember the happenings of 2006. I am totally confused when you ask me about Augur because I don’t have authority to talk about Augur. If Augur had given me authority to represent them, I would have done so, but in this case, I cannot talk about Augur,” she said.

Prosecutor Michael Reza objected to some of Muchadehama’s line of questioning, saying some of the questions were irrelevant to the assault case.

“Since the start of this trial, the defence has not asked any questions relating to the assault case and no questions has been asked in relation to the assault case,” Reza argued.

The trial was adjourned and will continue on Tuesday next week.