BREAKING: ZIMSEC ‘O’ Levels to re-write English Paper 2 exam 

Source: BREAKING: ZIMSEC ‘O’ Levels to re-write English Paper 2 exam | The Herald February 8, 2018

Abigail Mawonde – Herald Correspondent

Candidates who sat for the November 2017 Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC)’s Ordinary Level English Paper 2 Examination are set to re-write the paper on Friday next week following cheating that took place last year when the examination was administered.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare this afternoon, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima said the ministry regretted the inconvenience caused but the move was worthwhile as it would preserve the integrity of the examinations system.


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    But what does this action say regarding those who are given PhD degrees without working for them? Why are the PhDs not being revoked, culprits punished or at least those who received the fraudulent degrees asked to re-do?

    Typical animal farm situation, where “some animals are surely treated as more equal than others”.

    Or, are we being told that cheating is not allowed @ Secondary School only? People, especially powerful politicians, can cheating all they want @ tertiary institutions?

    I really don’t it? A whole university department staff laments naked cheating & fraudulent awarding of degree(s) in their department. But, alas! Our new government says “to hell with your complaints; we wont investigate”. In fact, it gives Nyagura & his protégé (Claude Mararike) free rein to harass & torment the well meaning lecturers. Now we hear same government canceling results purporting cheating. Pathetic double standards! shame! nxaaaaa!

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    This is not thought through well and is anti social; do not divert our minds from the well meaning current belief in rebuilding Zimbabwe; please fully consult first with School Administrators SDCs Responsible Authorities and address them to get their voices heard; how can a paper leak to whole country; kids at boarding not allowed phones how did they access the social media; cant it be a case of taking a paper that was written in past and hence revised by most schools; the kids were sitting at home not revising so will fail; its ZIMSEC fault and they must feel the pinch and not kids and parents and schools so we need to see stern action to avoid repeats; it was said last year there wont be a rewrite so whats this now; who is footing the bill this short notice for transport; how do kids at remote far Boarding school places get there before 10am and transport or accommodation after 12pm; lets not call for disasters; why cant ZIMSEC use other assessment means that doesnt need resit and publish results so A level lessons commence; stop this man made chaos; Lets focus on the newfound economic rebuilding thrust.

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    gibson 4 years ago

    this bettet

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    poor parent 4 years ago

    Honestly double standards aand kids have been seriously punished,mavima Jonathan moyo style