Café’Expresso lose to former employee

Source: Café’Expresso lose to former employee | The Herald

Café’Expresso lose to former employee

Fidelis Munyoro

A HARARE man will go ahead to registered his US$9870 arbitral award at the High Court after his employer’s bid to block the legal process on the basis that the award was in foreign currency, failed.

Mr David Badza applied for registration of a Labour Court judgment which provided that his employer Café’Expresso should pay him the sum of US$9870.

The company refused to comply with the court order arguing the amount should be paid in RTGS on the rate of 1:1.

However, Justice Slyvia Chirawu-Mugomba ruled in favour of Mr Badza, finding no merit in the company’s argument.

She ruled that the law on the registration of Labour Court awards was clear, it is for purposes of enforcement.

On the issue of currency, the judge found that it being a question of law, the issue remained the domain of the Supreme Court on appeal not the High Court.

“There is no basis for this court to change that ruling and indicate that payment should be in RTGS. ‘The Labour Court judgment LC/H/209/20 be and is hereby registered as an order of this court’,” said Justice Chirawu-Mugomba compelling the company to pay Mr Badza the sum of US$9870 within 30 days of the court order.