Can the cruelty by this regime get any worse? 

Shocked hearing ZBC News proudly reporting that ED addressed “a gathering of thousands”, during yesterday’s visit to Chivi. Is the country not supposed to still be under strict COVID-19 restrictions?

Source: Can the cruelty by this regime get any worse? – The Zimbabwean

Did the govt not recently reiterate the banning of parties, and any such gatherings, as well as limitations on weddings – yet, based on ZBC’s own footage, not only did this rally (attended by ‘thousands’) clearly violated these restrictions, but never practised any social distancing.

My main concern is not the apparent ‘some animals are more equal than others’ syndrome, that we have become all too familiar with in Zimbabwe, but the apparent insensitivity and wanton disregard for citizen’s lives and health – as, I am quite sure, those ‘thousands’ were given very little choice in attending this potential ‘super spreader’ event.


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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    I looked at Ed face and realised one thing for certain. He has a dead look in his eyes. Meaning he has no feelings!!! Which means he cares nothing for us , nothing. Compare his look to Amin,Hitler etc , the look is the same.