CCC, Zanu PF face off in Chikomba

Source: CCC, Zanu PF face off in Chikomba -Newsday Zimbabwe

FOUR opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillors in Chivhu stormed out of a full council meeting in protest after Zanu PF councillors “clandestinely” grabbed strategic committee chairmanship positions.

Zanu PF won the majority of Chikomba Rural District Council wards with a total of 25 against CCC’s five.

CCC councillors Collen Zvarevashe, Felix Zhakata, Amos Reza and Ishamel Maukazuva, representing Chivhu town, claimed that Zanu PF imposed its rural ward councillor as the town board chair despite the opposition having won all the urban wards.

CCC won in all Chivhu urban wards.

The opposition councillors also claim that Zanu PF appointed its councillors for key committee positions outside the full council meeting.

According to a letter dated September 25 and addressed to Chikomba RDC chief executive officer Bullen Chiwara, the councillors are seeking the nullification of the procedures which led to the alleged imposition of the rural ward councillors to handle Chivhu town affairs.

“The above matter refers to a council meeting held on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. The purpose of the meeting  was primarily for the election of office bearers. Our objection is on the process that had been followed in the appointment of committees which to us was done by certain individuals who are not even part of council and announced to council by our council chairperson Mr lsrael Dhikinya

“The process was against RDC Act and our Constitution as it fails to follow the required procedure as outlined in our RDC Act Chapter 29:13 and this renders the whole process void-ab initio,” read the letter.

In response, Chiwara advised the councillors to table their grievances at the next full council meeting.

“Reference is made to your letter dated 25/09123 in which you expressed disaffection regarding the Council committees selection process. After consultation with the parent (Local Government) ministry concerning the referred subject matter, it has come to light that this is a matter for the full council. The way forward, therefore, is to have it tabled in the next council meeting wherein a decision shall be made,” wrote Chiwara.

Chikomba RDC council chairperson and Zanu PF ward 17 councillor Dhikinya defended the council’s decision to involve rural councillors in the town board.

“There are rural wards with urban interest, so they have to be included in the town board. The councillors can’t complain about the process of the full council because they were not in the meeting,” Dhikinya said.