Chamisa Details Alleged Electoral Irregularities In Meetings With SADC Observers

Source: Chamisa Details Alleged Electoral Irregularities In Meetings With SADC Observers

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa said that he held meetings with the SADC Election Observer Mission where he briefed the regional body about an alleged plot by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to rig the upcoming general elections, reported thousands of CCC supporters at a campaign rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Sunday, 20 August, Chamisa said the opposition party will not allow Mnangagwa to rig this year’s elections. Said Chamisa:

I have had meetings with SADC, and I have briefed them on the challenges we have. I told them that Mnangagwa is not preparing to win, he is plotting to rig.

I told SADC that he stole the election in 2018 but this time I will not allow him to steal it again.

I told them Zimbabwe is the next SADC chair and they should get ready to welcome me.

I told them that up to this day, we do not have a voters’ roll that is searchable.

But remember I am a former ICT Minister, we have cracked the PDF format they gave us and now know what they are trying to do, we will not allow them to steal our votes, never.

I told them that I have not yet seen the ballot paper, we have requested from ZEC that we agree on the ballot, the ink and the arrangement.

Mnangagwa has already rigged the arrangement (but) even if he rigs the ballot paper he will not win this election.

I told SADC that we are having a problem with the issue of deployment of postal ballots but my intelligence is telling me the majority of police officers defied their bosses and voted for me. I thank all the police officers.

I told them we have problems with ghost polling stations where they want to stuff ballot papers but we have managed to ensure a polling agent for every station.

I have told SADC that ZANU PF wants to get the presidential result before reporting it to ZEC but once we get the result we will tell the world what we got ourselves, we will not accept that.

We will have the result by the end of the next day.

Chamisa said there is no way Mnangagwa will win the 23 August election, saying “Any result that will see Mnangagwa being announced the winner of Wednesday’s elections is fake.”