Chamisa expose those working with the regime

Source: Chamisa expose those working with the regime

In an exclusive interview with Brighton Mutebuka, President Nelson Chamisa exposed those who are working with the regime, shortly after announcing his exit from the now – contaminated CCC.

End Of Era As @CCCZimbabwe Folds From Zim Regime’s Inspired Onslaught – Interview With @nelsonchamisa As He Explores Opening A New Chapter

Very few will argue that they did not see this moment coming in light of the Zimbabwean regime’s heightened Tshabangu-inspired relentless onslaught on @nelsonchamisa & @CCCZimbabwe since last August’s sham elections.

Even with that in mind, it still posed as a sensational development to learn that Chamisa had finally drawn a line in the side and decided to officially cut his umbilical cord from @CCCZimbabwe today.

Sensing the weight of the moment in history, I decided to interview him on what this meant, what had caused him to arrive at such a juncture on his political journey and what the future holds.

What Caused Him To Make The Seismic Decision?

a. He stated that this was due to the infiltration of @CCCZimbabwe by the regime via Sengezo Tshabangu and other political characters within the party.

b. He further explained that – that infiltration had then led to the party getting hijacked and being used to serve the interests of the current illegitimate regime.

c. He was adamant that the incumbent is an illegitimate leader, is shameless and determined to destroy the opposition illegally and at all costs.

d. He stated that with given the sham election, the illegitimacy which flowed from it and the capturing of state institutions in Zimbabwe, he had engaged @SADC_News via their SEOM process, (with a current Petition pending before SADC with no sense of urgency detected despite the scale of the crisis), including SA Pres @CyrilRamaphosa but to no avail.

What Is The Fate Of His Colleagues Who Are Left In @CCCZimbabwe?

1. His answer was that, prior to arriving at this moment in time, as the Tshabangu circus rumbled on late last year, many party meetings had been convened to chart the way forward.

2. He explained that contrary to widespread belief across the political divide, it’s he tried to provide a decisive response to Tshabangu guided by party consensus.

3. He stated that on several occasions, including in the meeting which resulted in disengagement being adopted as the strategic response, he had preferred escalation using a different route but had been unable to push this through due to resistance.

4. It was clear to him, he said, that some of his colleagues were hamstrung by exposure to poverty (due to the current harsh economic environment), which made them susceptible to succumbing to the regime’s entreaties and, by definition, infiltration.

5. So they insisted on attending the official opening of Parliament and attending Committee Meetings, amongst other political developments.

6. This then left him conflicted & exposed, as, on one hand, he did not want to expose them while on the other, he was taking the flak for being indecisive – even though his main objective had been to champion collective decision making & retain party unity.

7. So in essence, by officially exiting @CCCZimbabwe, he is focusing minds and drawing a line in the sand. Those who have previously resisted embracing the nuclear option of stepping down from their positions will be hoisted by their own petard.

8. Where it was previously @nelsonchamisa who was taking the heat for that, they will have to be directly in the firing line with the voting public on where their loyalties lie – ED via Tshabangu or the people via Chamisa.

9. You will recall that there have been many who have publicly declared: “I stand with Nelson Chamisa,” but have prevaricated taking bold and clear political steps to demonstrate that – that was indeed the case by walking the walk.

10. Some had even started avoiding him – while for some their duplicity had been clear for quite some time.

11. Chamisa said that he was forced to bring with him some shady characters from the MDC Alliance who did not genuinely back him purely because they had argued that they had to be accommodated because they were being persecuted by the regime on account of their pre-existing association with the MDCA and with Morgan Tsvangirai, the deceased ex opposition icon.

12. He wants those who want to come on board with him to do so freely, of their own volition. He also wants to take the opportunity to rid himself of some political opportunists who have been hanging onto his coattails for years while secretly plotting his political downfall while working with the regime.

13. He says that he is fully aware that exiting @CCCZimbabwe at this moment in time creates significant difficulties for the cohorts in Parliament & the Local Authorities across the country but feels that he has got no option but to take this route given that the regime is already in control of CCC anyway via Tshabangu.

14. It was clear that he had – had enough of the humiliation from the charade of being forced to pretend that he was still in control and thus come up with a solution to contain the proxy when it was clear that it was the regime that had effective control of it.

What Does The Future Hold?

i. He stated that he will be launching a broad Citizens Movement in the near future whose form will be determined by the outcome of the consultations that will emerge with various stakeholders.

ii. He was adamant that Zimbabweans will always know who their genuine leaders are and will be able too see through the current regime’s machinations.

iii. He was both optimistic and defiant pertaining to the future. He made it clear that he does not fear the incumbent and expressed credulity at how brazen he has been in disenfranchising Zimbabweans and capturing state institutions while presiding over an economic, social and humanitarian catastrophe.

iv. Finally, he was clear that he was looking forward to working with those who are young at heart and with a modern perspective as opposed to political dinosaurs who have graced the local political scene for many years but no longer have anything of value to.

v. For the record, Chamisa was clear that Hwende, Biti, Mafume, Ncube and others had engaged in duplicitous behaviour and he had lacked the necessary trust and confidence to work with them for quite some time.

vi. He is now determined to build a fresh, strong, broad, democratic and formidable Citizens Movement straddling across party, religious and other considerations free from the encumbrances of the past and geared towards finally delivering the promise of the democratic movement!