Championing Gender Equality in Sports

With the announcement of the Women’s Rugby Advisory Committee (WRAC) and sub-committees, Rugby Africa has reaffirmed their commitment to gender equality.

The task of WRAC and its sub committees is to identify key performance measures that demonstrate progress in the advancement of women in rugby across Africa in order to encourage gender equality practices that facilitate growth and development within the sport as part of Rugby Africa’s broader strategy.

The move comes after a widely publicized stand-off between the FA and English women soccer, where women footballers sought to have their salaries match that of their male counterparts. Regardless, fans can enjoy soccer betting online, featuring top women and men leagues.

WRAC will provide a voice for females in all aspects of rugby to be recognized for the critical contribution and involvement they make in shaping the game’s future.

Rugby Africa’s exciting new move reinforces the organization’s commitment to innovate and invest in providing high-quality rugby experiences for women.

Paula Lanco, Chairwoman of the Women’s Rugby Advisory Committee, said the group is looking forward to promoting and positioning women in rugby at all levels, providing them with the tools and encouragement they need to excel and retain fan and investor interest in the sport.

“Our newly launched advisory committee and sub-committees has several Unstoppables and influential union leaders who reflect our values and intent to encourage the global development of women in rugby, giving them equality on and off the field,” said Lanco.

To date, the WRAC committee and sub-committees have made substantial progress, recruiting high-quality members who are dedicated to updating and implementing financial plans, maximizing media opportunities, and ensuring the overall wellbeing of players by providing access to trainers, coaches, and educators. It is only a matter of time before Betway rugby betting fans can try out their hand in this sector.

Maha Zaoui, Rugby Africa’s Women’s Rugby Manager, said the WRAC and its four sub committees were instrumental in establishing a global vision for women’s rugby in Africa.

“With the impact COVID-19 has placed globally we are able to work with the sub-committees to overcome challenges the pandemic has placed on world sports and identify untapped opportunities,” said Zaoui.

The founding of WRAC and its sub-committees, according to Rugby Africa President Khaled Babbou, is a huge step forward in creating women’s rugby leaders because it aligns with the recent International Women’s Day theme of Women in Leadership: Achieving an Inclusive Future in a COVID-19 World and our strategic target for women in rugby.

“The aim is to achieve a minimum representation that includes 30 percent of women in leadership roles and to have 40 percent of the registered players to be female by 2025.


“Our goal is to continuously put women at the forefront of our strategic plan and ensure the objectives of each sub-committee serve in the interest of further developing the welfare and retention of female rugby players,” said Babbou.

“The WRAC and creation of its sub-committees will ultimately help increase awareness of women in rugby, attracting more tournaments and partnerships with sponsors, increasing the overall popularity of the game in the continent.” says Rugby Africa General Manager Coralie van Den Berg.

Sport is one of the most effective outlets for fostering gender equality and female empowerment. The IOC, as the head of the Olympic Movement, is also leading the line to attain equality in sports. The 2020 Olympics have been rescheduled for later this year, and as always, you can bet on multiple events with Betway.