Chegutu council demolishes illegal structures

Source: Chegutu council demolishes illegal structures | The Herald October 9, 2019

Heather Charema in Chegutu
Chegutu Municipality last week started demolishing illegal structures in the Central Business District (CBD) in a move to restore sanity in the town.

In an interview, Chegutu Municipality Town Clerk Mr Alex Mandigo said the local authority had passed a resolution to that effect.

“We have had meetings with various stakeholders at the District Administrator’s office concerning the issue of demolishing the illegal structures in the CBD,” he  said.

“We agreed that council should first build a toilet and avail an alternative place for vendors to operate from.

“We have since completed the construction of a toilet and we have ordered all the vendors to vacate the CBD and move to the open space which is opposite the District Registrar-General’s Office.

“There has been serious resistance from vendors who continuously give excuses such as council had not cut grass on the area while others said the area was too far from the CBD.

“Last week we had a meeting with those who have EcoCash cabins and we ordered them to vacate the CBD before  October 2.”

The local authority, Mr Mandigo said, had since stopped issuing licences to illegal business, but those who had complied would get licences.

“The demolition follows the council’s resolution that is in line with the President’s call to bring sanity to the cities.

“We have since stopped issuing licences to those operating in the CBD and we are giving those who agreed to vacate to designated areas,” he said.

In an interview, Chegutu Business Development Association chairperson Mr Prosper Mtongerwa said the move was  noble.

“The demolition of EcoCash cabins sounds noble because they have failed to fulfil their mandated purpose of easing cash transactions instead they decided to fuel the black market which poses a serious threat to our already bleeding economy,” he  said.

A decongested town will also attract new businesses and provide value to property owners.