Chief Rusike urges community to embrace rabbit farming

Source: Chief Rusike urges community to embrace rabbit farming | The Herald

Chief Rusike urges community to embrace rabbit farming
Chief Rusike

Ivan Zhakata
Herald Correspondent
Chief Rusike, born Aaron Muchenje Mashave has urged his community to embrace rabbit farming to develop their community.

He said this after residents under his jurisdiction in Goromonzi South were introduced to rabbit farming thereby creating a catchment area for the newly established rabbit abattoir in Waterfalls, Harare.

Speaking during his end of year review meeting with 16 village heads from Goromonzi South, Chief Rusike said embracing rabbit farming was one of the ways they could economically transform their community.

“I would like to encourage everyone in this community to embrace rabbit farming as it can economically transform this community. Profit from rabbit rearing could help to pay fees for our children and take care of families,” he said.

“I have requested all the village heads to come here to discuss development in our community especially with reference to schools. I am also vetting them to see if they qualify to be village heads. As a village head, the community must not come to you, but vice versa.

“The rabbit farming programme in our community is a welcome project. We love it because we previously talked to the people doing it and they told us that it can be an income-generating project. It will also help us in reducing the number of unemployed people in our community. The rabbit farming project will also reduce theft cases in our community.”

Zanu PF Goromonzi South secretary for indigenisation Mr James Samhembere said:

“The rabbit farming project can be a big business for the community and we should monetize it. I encourage all the village heads to embrace the project as it can transform this community. We need to develop this community and it is our responsibility to do that either through poultry or rabbit farming.”


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    spiralx 4 weeks ago

    Well. Before everybody starts over-exploiting the local rabbit population, maybe check first to see if there is adequate consumer interest? And adequate cold storage facilities? And transport infrastructure? You know? The thing we call a business plan?

    There’s possibly a good reason this has not been done so far…