Chihuri falls on hard times 

Source: Chihuri falls on hard times | The Herald March 7, 2019

Chihuri falls on hard times
Dr Chihuri

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
Former Police Commissioner General Dr Augustine Chihuri’s family has been hit hard by financial challenges to an extent of petitioning the High Court for permission to sell an agro-residential plot in Goromonzi to pay school fees for three minor children.

The plot measuring 3,5 hectares, was registered in the name of one of Dr Chihuri’s children, 20-year-old Miss Samantha Chihuri, but three other minor siblings have usufruct to the same property.

In terms of the law, one cannot sell a property in which minor children have personal interest without seeking permission from the High Court, which is the upper guardian of all children.

Dr Chihuri’s wife, Mrs Isabel Chihuri, this week filed a chamber application at the High Court seeking an order empowering her to sell the property to finance the children’s educational needs. The minor children are aged 16, 11 and nine.

In the application prepared by Zimbodza & Associates, Mrs Chihuri said her major Samantha wanted to finance her college fees and related needs.

The same money, according to Mrs Chihuri, will also be used to pay fees for the other three minor children.

“The three have personal rights, namely usufruct on a property belonging to and registered in the name of Samantha Chihuri, born the first of June 1999, my major daughter,” said Mrs Chihuri.

“The deed of transfer is attached hereto as Annexure D. Samantha intends to sell the property to finance her college tuition and college-related needs. It is also intended that the money from this sale will also finance the school fees and school-related needs of the minor children.”

Mrs Chihuri wants the court to appoint Harare lawyer Ms Shoorai Gutsa as curator to the three minor children and to manage and protect the interests of the minor children in the transaction.

“I have nominated Ms Shoorai Gutsa, a senior legal practitioner, notary public and conveyancer who has agreed to be a curator ad litem for the said minor children,” said Mrs Chihuri.

“She will be able to assess and ascertain what is in the best interest of the said minors prior to the sale and transfer of the property.”

Master of High Court Mr Eldard Mutasa, who was cited as the respondent in his official capacity, is yet to respond to the application.


  • comment-avatar
    mazano rewayi 3 years ago

    We from the village understand that people fall on hard times when they lose gainful employment, we drink opaque beer with many that used to sip only from brown bottles. But why is it that our public officials always become desperate once they lose their positions in government? Why is it that 60+ year olds in government normally have minor children? How do minor children of government officials end up with real estate in their names?

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 3 years ago

    I know that it is wicked to wish bad on any person.

    But such a drop in financial circumstances could not befall a more deserving person than Commissioner Augustine Chihuri.

    What would be interesting to know is how he came into possession of this agro-residential plot in Goromonzi in the first place.

    For example, how many false Z69Js helped pay for it?

    And how many honest policemen did he chance from the ZRP to allow him full use of these Z69Js?

  • comment-avatar
    harper 3 years ago

    Chihuri should count his blessings. If justice was done he would be serving a life sentence. His abuse and contempt for the rule of law began on his very first day as acting commissioner.

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 3 years ago

    Chihuri on hard times! what became of the exorbitant disability allowance he has been enjoying for the past 40 years?

  • comment-avatar
    Falco 3 years ago

    And just how and when did this child become owner of this property?  How much property do each of these youngsters own… and how did they gain ownership?  In fact, how much is owned by Chihuri’s clan, and how was it acquired?