CHIHURI HOUSE FIRE: Police Officers Fight Each Other 

CHIHURI HOUSE FIRE: Police Officers Fight Each Other 

Source: CHIHURI HOUSE FIRE: Police Officers Fight Each Other | ZimEye

ZimEye is receiving more details on the skirmish reported at Police Commisioner Augustine Chihuri’s house Wednesday morning.

While Chihuri’s official spokespersons’ cellphones remained unreachable, journalists and witnesses near the scene have confirmed that there has of a truth been a disturbing scene at the property.

A video shows an army helicopter dispatched to the area. A fire service truck was also sent out.

While it was not clear at the time of writing what caused the scuffle, journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu said “a colleague attempted to set the house of fire.”

It was neither clear to what extent the reported fire had damaged the property.

There has for the last 3 years been growing anger in the police force against Chihuri over several corrupt practices including bribery and other concerns.  –  THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY  – refresh this page for the updates.


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    Matabele 8 months ago

    Perhaps this is a ZRP coup that is not really a coup? I mean, if Chiwenga and the ZNA can have a coup that is not a coup – the Zed Arra Pee would not want to miss their day of fun in the sun? Why not have a Zed Arra Pee coup that is not a coup? We truly hope that this is not a fake news report about a fake Zed Arra Pee coup written by a fake journo? That would spoil my day off today – it is just starting to get exciting. Did Chombo have a failed bail attempt that was not a bail attempt? And is the Nutty Professor having a tweet about Zanu that is not a tweet after all? This is tricky spy thriller to keep track of – I will need a hand from the No.1 Lady Detective from Botswana very soon.