Chinhoyi cllrs clash over acting town clerk 

Source: Chinhoyi cllrs clash over acting town clerk -Newsday Zimbabwe

THE ruling Zanu PF party councillors in Chinhoyi this week clashed with their Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) counterparts over who should be the acting town clerk following the departure of Maxwell Kaitano.

Kaitano was appointed an administrative court judge last week.


Mayor Owen Charuza and his colleagues from CCC are being accused of trying to make town engineer Simon Marara acting town clerk without following due process.

During a special council meeting on Tuesday this week, Charuza told councillors that the meeting was about filling the gap left by Kaitano’s sudden departure and invited for nominations.

CCC councillor Busani Dune nominated Marara and was seconded by Abgail Sauti from the same party.

However, Voster Mashevedzanwa (Zanu PF) rose on a point of order saying that due process was not followed since the district administrator should have been officially informed and be present at such a crucial meeting.


“Your Worship what you are doing is not proper, the district administrator should have been informed and come prepared but it looks like you and your colleagues want to bulldoze us to settle for your candidate,” Mashevedzanwa said.

Another Zanu PF councillor Ignatius Zvigadza concurred saying due process must be followed, adding that the meeting be postponed. Mayor Charuza objected.

Councillors traded unprintable words until the meeting degenerated into chaos.


District administrator (DA) Benjamin Zivanai who was present as an observer said Charuza erred by trying to impose things instead of allowing councillors to deliberate on the issue, besides the DA’s office was not notified as the norm.

“For starters council should have informed the DA’s office about the vacant position, secondly the mayor tried to impose his position to other councillors on an issue that was supposed to be agreed upon raising unnecessary concerns from other councillors” Zivanai said.

On the way forward Zivanai said a decision would be made after the release of the minutes of the meeting.

Charuza refused to comment on the issue.