Chitungwiza rehabilitates sewer system

Source: Chitungwiza rehabilitates sewer system | The Sunday Mail

Chitungwiza rehabilitates sewer system
Tafadzwa Kachiko

Nokuthula Dube

THE Chitungwiza Town Council has rehabilitated approximately 13 kilometres of the town’s sewer and water infrastructure this year using funding from the Government’s devolution programme.

Over the years, the town has struggled with burst pipes that have contaminated groundwater sources.

The rehabilitation project has targeted the Seke and Zengeza areas, which have historically borne the brunt of the challenges.

“Our focus this year is to tackle the persistent sewer challenges plaguing the town,” said Chitungwiza spokesperson Mr Tafadzwa Kachiko in an interview with The Sunday Mail.

“Chitungwiza continues to experience sewage issues due to collapsed infrastructure, erratic water supply and occasional sabotage. However, we have made significant progress.

“Over 13km of sewer lines previously affected by blockages in Seke and Zengeza have been rehabilitated so far.”

The local authority, he said, has also begun clearing drainage systems and removing dilapidated pipes.

“Our primary goal is to eliminate sewer blockages in residential areas and improve flow to the treatment plant,” he added.

“Currently, we are replacing clogged pipes in Unit M with new ones.”

Mr Kachiko expressed concern over practices such as disposing of diapers and sanitary pads in the drainage system.

“This irresponsible behaviour not only damages the infrastructure but also puts the entire town at risk,” he said.

“We urge residents to refrain from throwing sand, diapers and sanitary pads into the sewer system.

“By adopting best practices, we can collectively alleviate Chitungwiza’s sewer challenges.”