Chiwenga for Vice President

Chiwenga for Vice President

Source: Chiwenga for Vice President – DailyNews Live

Maxwell Sibanda, Farai Machamire and Andrew Kunambura      4 December

HARARE – Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander, General Constantino
Chiwenga, is seen standing a good chance of being elevated straight from
the barracks to become one of the two vice presidents at Zanu PF’s
extraordinary congress scheduled for this month, the Daily News can

At the special congress, Emmerson Mnangagwa will be endorsed as the
party’s president and first secretary, in the wake of the decision by Zanu
PF’s central committee to recall ex-president, Robert Mugabe from the high
pressure office, and have him replaced by Mnangagwa.

While Mnangagwa’s endorsement will be a matter of formality, there is
fierce jostling for vacant posts in the party, particularly for the two
vice presidents.


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    Kutama 4 years ago

    This is a brilliant idea – get a General from a failed coup that was not a coup – and give him the Vice Presidency.
    The question we need to ask though – will it be a real Vice Presidency or a Vice Presidency that is not a Vice Presidency like the coup that was not a coup?
    Just like Obert Mpofu investigating corruption in the new look Zanu Cabinet may not be a real corruption investigation because it was not an investigation.
    Logically speaking – the Gukuruhundi was not a Gukuruhundi either because a coup that isn’t a coup, an investigation into corruption that isn’t an investigation and a Gukuruhundi that was not a Gukuruhundi are probably a new Zanu Language?
    Going further – there was not a Land Reform Programme and Gideon Gono never printed Bearer Cheques, and inflation never hit billions of %. Bond Notes are not real Bond Notes. Unemployment is not 90%, the country is not broke, the commercial farmers were never dispossessed of their farms, and there are no Zimbabweans in the Diapsora. Zimbabwe is not importing food. It is not true that there is no investment in Zimbabwe. There never ever were any roadblocks in the country at any time and the Police never extorted money from motorists. It is not true that Title is not safe in Zimbabwe. It is not true that the country is in a recession. There are no illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. Bush and Blair were never a threat to Zimbabwe. Lord Soames’ son did not visit Robert Mugabe. Grace Mugabe has not stolen any money. Robert Mugabe did not flits round the world at a cost of millions of dollars. Roy Bennet was never put in the cells in Mutare with a corpse. The Fifth Brigade did not kill anybody at Joshua Nkomo’s home in Bulawayo. There are no rogues in Zanu. Khaya Moyo never told the people that Emmerson was discharged as VP of Zimbabwe.
    Clearly – a lot of things never happened. It was all fake news!